I Moved My 2 Month Old Plant Outdoors...

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by tokingandpoking, Jun 1, 2013.

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    High, I had a healthy plant which I started from a seed of an unknown strain in fox farms ocean forest potting soil. It was growing well, I moved it outdoors in early may from 24/0 to see what would happen. It appears it is flowering.... what do you think? ........


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  2. looks like it to me.. did u mean to flower it now?
  3. To be honest I more or less wanted to see what would happen. I ignored warnings to alter the light cycle slowly before moving it. I would actually prefer that it flower now. Its mature enough I think.

  4. the plant looks good and healthy, if you woulda veg'd it a little longer outside you woulda had a monster with monster yields!
    you need to get plant use to 16/8 before putting it outside. Thats the lowest i would go with indoor lighting, and even then sometimes, strain dependant, it will still flower when introduced to outside.
  5. Wow a 3 month harvest I am curious what the yeild will be
  6. my plants sprouted on 4/16 and should be finished towards the end of september! thats about 5 months total =D hope they come out beautiful! 
  7. Going by the second pic, would you say this is a female?
  8. Can take another pic? it kinda looks like it has balls + pistils. Might be a hermie. Take more pics and post em please
  9. Female

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    You see pistils in the pic? I was concerned about it being male because I actually dont see anything that resembles the pictures I've seen of a female plant. 
    Why do you think it is female? 
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    This is the best one I got for now. Its like 1 in every 100 close up pictures come out sharp you have to have the concentration of a scout sniper with this camera. It was from a day or 2 earlier and lower down the plant but u get the idea


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    that plant hasn't sexed yet....just relax.besides judging from how that plant is growing in terms of structure i'm going with assuming it's a sativa dom plant so it may take a minute though not necessarily long
  13. Just felt an itch on my leg and looked down as Im surfing GC, and see a bump and a black speck. Upon further inspection I realized it was a deer tick sinking its jaws into me. This is definitely a result of my treck through the woods to water my babies. All I can say is I better get some good smoke from this plant cuz I probably have lyme now lol. 
    Btw... Would any one agree with me that this plant resembles a kush strain?
  14. Thanks for the reply. I need to work on my patience lol
  15. must have been the leaves  i was thinking was pistils lawl.. it happens late night ;)
  16. Lol. I'm going to check on it today. Im hoping to see some white hairs soon....
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    Sorry man, thats no bitch, look on the upside though, you can harvest a bunch of the pollen and keep the genetics alive till you find an appropriate mate. Pollen is viable for about a year if keept in a dry cool place.
    Sure is a sexy lookin plant, very healthy!
  18. nice plant, looks like it still hasn't shown sex yet

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