i miss u guys.

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Jan 10, 2004.


hows shit these days?

  1. yeah, we miss u too.

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  2. dont care.

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  3. get lost traitor!

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  4. woah... so YOU'RE the guy who's taking up space on the top ten all time posters. i always w

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  1. i miss u guys.
  2. Well... what's keeping you?:)
  3. welcome back digiboy
  4. Whats up Digit..

    Welcome back!
  5. DUDE!!!!!!!!!!

    come here and gimme a hug! errrr i mean yeah we're all men rite how bout the raiders?

    good to see ya man :D
  6. :). Good to see yeh digit.
  7. how many Digit's does it take to make a pie???

    3.1415927.... (<--bad joke)

    welcome back
  8. *hugs woody*
    *hugs the li'l indian dude*
    *hugs bud head*
    fuck the raiders, i'm givin ya a hug man. *hugs dr_krapp*
    *doesnt hug the gangsta* ;)
    *doesnt hug the wabbit* ;)

    hopefully u should see me around a bit now.
  9. Everyone take a deep breath, swallow their pride, and let out those tears...its a natural healing process... welcome back man, STAY GOD DAMMIT
  10. Digit, I am new here but from the posts I've read, Welcome back. ^_^
  11. HELL YA!! things have been getting a little routine round here, i think we need to kick it up a notch!!! BAM!

    welcome back!! its really good to see you around again, really it is!
  12. Who the hell voted "get lost traitor" and "dont care"!?!?
  13. Right back at'cha Digit....it's been kinda quiet without you.
  14. I've been missing you digit. Maybe we can try to forget about the crap that made you feel like you had to leave. Hopefully the city will accept everyone now.
  15. YAY digit hugged me, i dont remember it tho, what was i drinking again?

    Stash_up sez: hey, ha also beleives hes baked inthe the coner
  16. well digit, pretty much every one of us has told you we miss you and would like you to stay here again...

    whats keepin you man? all is long behind us now. nubbin said exactly my thoughts.

    ... though maybe your too full.
  17. welcome back, what tookk you so long?.........glad to see the polls starting again............Peace out.......Sid
  18. Hey Digit you came back cool. I was hoping you would come back to post some more polls dude. It just wasnt the same without you man. sweet.
  19. it was scary coming back and u not being here tho dude, lol

    even i couldnt stay away, i just didnt get a chance to get here till recently lol

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