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i miss the city!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CheefinReeffa, May 10, 2010.

  1. so i moved out recently into my own place
    and i havnt got a computer yet
    i miss coming on here blazed in the mornings reading everyones shit
    looking at grows, and stuff man
    never thought in my own existance
    that i would literaly miss coming to a website
    but i do..
    i love this place, great vibes man, great vibes.
    but ive been tokin it up still
    bought a housewarming half
    and still have some left :)
    peace GC ill be back soon enough to say wats upp again

    oh yea
    my datura garden is huuuuge
    and im about to go check my outdoor guerilla grow
    later dudes
  2. werd, amen to that
  3. Fsho man congrats on your new place
  4. i know what you mean man. i used to stay up till 4 in the morning blazed surfin. till i had to stop for a few weeks. i missed it so much. but now im back to my old ways!
  5. well i am back, today, just for a little while
    had to check on my garden, my daturas are fucking
    and at MY place, ive got some weed seeds growing
    just a few, and some morning glories(for later use)
    but i planted some seeds ive been aquiring over the last year or two
    and still have some germinating, just like 11 of em tho
    they seem to be doing ok
    hopefully i didnt kill the seeds by storing em tho
    that would make me very sad
    anyway, got some in the woods i planted a few weeks ago as well
    havnt checked em yet, or watered them
    we really need some rain man, my buddies will die!!! aahh
    fuck, its straight, not like its the last seed
    or the last time illbe able to grow

    peace gc
    ill hit you up again soon
  6. ok well since then.. my plants have sprouted
    one of them for the last 2 days has only been its seed leaves
    no other leaves, just a thick ass stem and one long seed leaf, and the other leaf is still part seed haha, itssoo weird
    my other two are huge as fuck, one of em is just about n ince tall
    the other one is approx a inch n a half
    starting its second set of regular leaves already, ive got another sprout
    in my streetlamp cover pot, and shitloads of other seeds in it, tht thing really keeps heat in it
    idk if my plants will like growing in that
    but about my little buddy's
    theyr lucious fucking green, thick juicy rigid fat looking leaves
    and everything is going fine, maybe a little over nuted, the very tips of the leaves are a little browned, idk could be something else, but its ok theyr still doing good
    one of these im just gonna grow it for a few more weeks, then im slappin 12/12 on it for a few weeks, just to geet a quick yield expieriment, with curing processess.

    shall update again soon
    peace out gc
  7. well i stopped by again today, i have some new things
    /vegatable garden
    morning glory garden
    two BUDdies
    and some sother shit
    ive got my one huge plant, looking beautiful as ever
    shes gother 3rd set of true leaves coming in soon, so im gonna need to top her soon
    this week probly, shes been getting inconsecutive lighting, so some days
    she gets less then 16 hours, only getting 12 maybe 11 today, and its indirect(clouds n shit)
    i really need to invest in a lighting system, and box for rainy days like this
    i have moved from outside to inside succesfully a couple times
    she didnt curl, go in shock or anything, she got fucking bigger as fuck haha
    but i am thinking about transplanting her int oteh ground
    so theres not a huge weed plant on my backporch
    itll be next to some tomatoes and corn, hopefully they are friendly to eachother
    i know tomatoes like weed plants at least, idk bout the corn tho, i just need some coverage
    and nice shade, cause theres to much watering to be involved rite now, need less sunlight
    even tho she gets inadequate sun sometimes, most of the time tho its full sun all day, no shade
    shes been oing just fine with that, thinking bout adding some suger, and a little nutes, help her grow out some more
    well illtry to get some pics soon to show yall my first
    real grow where i finnaly get to harvest :)
    peace out gc
    ill update soon, again
  8. how bout you post some pics i bet youll get lots of readers
  9. imback for the day, well i had to move my plant, cause of a legal situation haaaaa
    yea, anyway, shes doing really good,
    tieing her down succesfully made her a fucking thick stemmed bushy ass weed plant, with a curve, beautfuil womanly curves, i mite add
    i topped the shit out of her, i topped the middle and 2 came out, so i topped those
    i topped the 2 branches coming out of the stem as well, wich is wierd
    because instead of my plant growig straight up, with one stem, like a regular bagseed
    it went into a bunch of branches n shit, so i topped em, haha sweeeeet
    i fed her compost tea recently so that helped
    shes no longer completely outside, shes in a greenhouse getting fullsun, but is probly gonna bud sometime soon, idk why, but shes going to.
    but since i had to move it, i cant get any pics of her, and i barely see her anymore
    wich sucks
    but shes in good hands
    and even has some girlfriends standin aroun wit her too!
    if i dont get pics of her growing ill DEF get pics of her afterlife
    Fore sure
    so i can show yall my first grow

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