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I messed up!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by comfyent, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. Last night, my two friends and I were toking from a bong. There wasn't a cone-piece, so we were improvising with a pipe-screen. It was so damn finicky and hard to pack, in my stoned-state, I ended up tipping the bong towards the mull-bowl, and getting water inside the weed/chop!

    I can definitely say that my mates weren't impressed, very embarrassing. :wacko:

    I'm trying to dry it out now, so I can perhaps smoke it up later, I've tried a hair-dryer and now I'm letting it sit in the sun, wish me luck!
  2. what
    also what
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  3. It happens, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Bong water weed though :sick:
  4. Thanks bro.

    Yeah I know, this is gonna be one... nasty... joint! ^_^
  5. A mull bowl is where we put the mull ( weed or weed with mixed with chop ).
    Chop is just chopped-up tobacco.
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  6. hmm you should roll that weed with extra fresh weed too and tobacco if u roll with that maybe a flavored blunt wrap would help it taste less shitty too
  7. Everyone fucks up at some point or another, laugh it off and keep going.

    putting tobacco through a bong is a sin though
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  8. Tobacco addiction is nasty habits that will for sure lead to cancer. I have never known anyone to do mokes except this one girl on Snapchat who is hella addicted.

    Pure weed is a mindstate of its own and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking the truest high.

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