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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WEEDMAN_101, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. It's such a sick pipe.
    built to last 1-2 months.
    can hold 2.5 grams.
    super air tight, with hot glue.
    problem is, people say heated aluminium is toxic.
    if I used this for 2 months straight, would it be dangerous?
    And no I'm not gonna ''save up for a new pipe'' this pipe is too sick. THX guys!

  2. Its dangerous if you use it 2 days straight, but 2 months? I'd like to see a pic, but you gotta get a glass or wooden or actual metal one. Nothing made out of foil is cool enough to risk your life
  3. You just got a spot.
    ^Hot Glue and Aluminum Foil..   Someone please tell me this man is trolling.
    You must seriously lack common sense, especially since you have the audacity to tell us, not to tell you to get a glass piece. Then continue to smoke through that piece of ............. I have no words for that thing.
    Why don't you just use a plastic bag and tape it closed, one box might just be cheaper than a pack of rolling papers.
  5. #5 WEEDMAN_101, Oct 23, 2014
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    the glue is no where near the heated part of the pipe. It's on the base
  6. I just ran aluminum poisoning at Pubmed- here are the first 10 of 1079.......
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    A small experiment. Get a pair of pliers, a bit of aluminum foil and a good lighter. Hold the foil in the flame of the lighter and observe as it gets red hot. After a minute or so, remove the foil from the flame. Let it cool and look at it. Does it look the same? Is it dull, and thinner looking? Where do you think the missing atoms of aluminum went?
    Also, you maybe should read this article that came out yesterday-
    5 Ways to Lower Your Risk for Alzheimer's Disease
    Is it worth saving 10 whole dollars to avoid buying a glass pipe, and risk aluminum poisoning?  Are you really sure you want to use an aluminum pipe? I certainly wouldn't! :hide:
  7. #7 Old School Smoker, Oct 23, 2014
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    Trolling for the NGCMBL thread? Hot glue and aluminum? Will it last 2 months? No. We will find you dead, propped up in a corner with your eyes bulging out of your head and the pipe and lighter in your hand.
  8. granny commented on this @Op...

    if you don't follow her advice,
    you deserve the consequences from using your amazing POS poison pipe.

    it's literally $10 dude! walk yourself to a gas station even and pick out a china glass hand pipe! save your lungs and your life bud! GLASS GLASS GLASS GLASS GLASS (subliminal messaging to get you to buy a GLASS pipe)
  9. \tWEEDMAN_101Member Since 21 Oct 2014
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    </div></div></div>Bad troll
  10. This thread is a fucking joke without pictures. Can you believe the OP? Common sense: Non-existent.
    nah, go for it.
  12. Forget a picture of the pipe, I want to see a picture of the OP. I want to see what foolish looks offense.
  13. you'll be tasting that burnt alluminum pretty fast 
  14. I don't have words for this thread, so I'm just gonna leave now :bolt:
  15. This should be in the "New GC members be like..." thread
  16. #17 Joyetech, Oct 23, 2014
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    oh.... OP had 4
    posts everyone... didn't bother checking the join date. get out of here troll 😂
  17. You can't beat the good ol' pop can.
  18. Man listen,
    Back in the day I didn't know the danger of aluminum foil and toked it up for MONTHS in a homemade pipe...

    I deeply regret it.

    I'm only in my early 20s and already have difficulty remembering what happened yesterday.

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