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I made some bad-ass magic muffins! (pics)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Mandeponium, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]




    I just ate one and am waiting for the effects.
  2. By the looks of things you are gonna be baked!
  3. what did u cook the bud in to release thc?
  4. you make muffins in the bathroom?
  5. tell me they are blueberry muffins...and on that note

    SURRENDER YOUR MUFFINS!!!! [inside joke lol stoner quotes]
  6. that looks like some schwag....
  7. thanks for the homework answers :devious:
  8. Awesome possum muffins. Hope you get up there. :smoke:
  9. aha wtf? awesome possum! sorry :X :)
  10. dude, those look awesome! i just ate a muffin.. it was just a regular muffin though :(
  11. Why did you make muffins with tobacco?
  12. That shit would be so nasty.
  13. Nice BLUEBERRY schwag muffins
  14. I don't really understand what you did. Did you just dump weed into the mix and bake it in your toilet?

  15. I'm baked and a little sick and I just sneeze laughed on my computer.


  16. i lol'd at you :)
  17. That dope might look a little brown, if made properly, those muffins probably have some serious kick to them.
  18. good luck!!:D
  19. Where is the update for how they worked? and the recipe...?
  20. Niceeee =] Yea, I wanna see how this went. Lolll love how the weed is all sprawled out on your homework sheets... oh the irony

    And if they work, I wanna try oneee. Love those blueberries. Yum Yummm :rolleyes:

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