I made a kid think my name was Deze Nuts

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by NeverOddOrEven., May 16, 2010.

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  1. A boyscout (or something of that sort) came to my door and tried to sell me candy. I bought 2 bars of chocolate for 3.50$. He needed to write my name on some forum for the transaction to be legal, I spelled it out for him and kept a straight face. "D, e, z, e," at this point he is like "..Denzel?" and then he laughs. I look at him and bite my tongue to keep a straight face and act like I'm getting angry "No man just listen, last name N-u-t-s" He's like, "Diz Noots?"
    btw he was like 15
    I lol'd
  2. I lol'd
  3. I peed
  4. I Lmao'd. Sorry, Had to be different.
  5. I did no such thing. :mad:

    Just kidding... :cool:
  6. This thread brings the lol's
  7. mm. well i lol'd aswell [​IMG]
  8. That picture is wierd as fuck

  9. Too bad you can't change your name to Diz Noots lol
  10. Deez nutz is now "Diz Noots" on GC

    that was funny as hell
  11. Thats a sig.
  12. Man thats funny as shit.

    Back in highschool my woodshop teacher was naming nuts such as walnuts, and peanuts... when some random kid yelled deze nuts from the back of the class... god damn it was a good day.
  13. [​IMG]

    Remember everybody : Rep your hood.

    I roflcopter'd.
  14. haha this thread is gonna be legendary
  15. I find it funny how the kid laughed but didnt get the real joke. lmfao.

    good one op
  16. I lol'd.....not really, but if I was the OP doing that I probably would have.
  17. i pooped
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