I Mac box using for micro grow! Help!

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by SmokingTheHerb, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. sup friends, i had recently gotten an i mac and the box is great for a couple plants micro grow. Its like 2ft tall 2 ft long and 6 in wide. Nice box. I have a hole in the top for the cords of my 4 inch fan and my ballast light socket with reflector. I have one 2700 k 13 watt cfl for veg and 1 6400k 60 watt dayllight grow light for flower. I figure i can put like 2 or 3 right? I was wondering if there are any good place to set up fans and cut holes? And i lined the entire fucker with the dull side of tin foil. Any tips and are those lights ok? And im getting 4 random seeds today so they get germed tonight and planted in tiny pots in a few days. I have fox farm soil. TIPS? QUESTIONS? TIPS TIPS TIPS?????? I NEEEEEEEEEEEED THEM
  2. Take that foil out now! your better off with brown card board, the wrinkles in the foil, however few and small they may be, cause the light to focus similar to a laser beam and WILL burn your plants, some of my girls first leaves, (cut off now for super cropping) had holes in them and i researched ofr hours changing like a hundred little things before i stumbled on that info about tin foil, use a 5 dollar emergency blanket from the camping section and hang it loose so it moves a lil in the air flow, the "twinkling" effect helps light penetration. fans should suck air out near the top where the heat is with twice as much open space on the output as the input, also rule of thumb with CFLs is 100W for 1 plant +50W per additional plant, and thats bare minimum, i had over 200W on 1 plant for a little while and even then i wish i could manage more but the heat is crazy,

    check out my thread, im just gettin started into micro-growing but i have spent countless hours lurking these forums, learning all i can, and i still was not prepared when i put the seed in soil, there are a quite a few very informative threads on here so keep checkin out what other peoples threads say, you will be surprised what you can learn from everyone elses experiences

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