I lovee grass cityyy

Discussion in 'General' started by jwp420, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. grass city is like my favorite site in the world and i was just gona dedicate this thread to grasscity. it would be ool if everyone who loved grasscityy postd a reason or somthing why they do. thanks guyss

    hah im so high:smoking::gc_rocks:
  2. dude...you're high. hahah.
  3. stuff like this is the reason why i love GC!

    G :smoking: C :smoking: 4 :smoking: LYFE
  4. I luv grasscity cause of the super-fan-tastic ppl on here :p
  5. a cople years ago iw on another marijuana forum site and trhen all of a susen it went down hill and no one was posting any more then came accrose the city and i became i fan right away best marijuana forum site on all the internet
  6. I love forums. I love the people on here because we all understand each other deeper than most people. Why? Because were high most of the time were on here! I love hearing everyones stories and seeing the pieces out there. Makes me want to grad college faster so I can just go experience more of life with my partner mary jane.
  7. It feels like "Home" to me, got lots of friends and "Family" here!:smoking::bongin::metal::D
  8. because i need some where to go to keep me entertained when im baked !

  9. Same here 'brother' :D :gc_rocks: :love: It's been a long time man :)
  10. fuck, son of a preacher man is one trippy song.
  11. I like rocks.
  12. my join date is about the time i really learned how to work the computer,,,

    i knew i was going to join a pot forum,,,, and joined a couple of them,,, and the city got me hooked,,,,

    and ive been here ever since,,, '' DAILY'' ,,,, i love these people,,,,

    even met a blade off here,,, he spent christmas with me,,, had a good time,,,

    this place rocks,,, but it's the blades that make it that way.:cool:

    edit:: oh yea and i love weed

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