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Discussion in 'General' started by RazorRy, Sep 11, 2002.

  1. burritos at 4 am..........parties that never end

    by the way this is my 200th post and i wanted to make a thread about it using senseless banter that i heard off the idiot box......anyways add your two cents :D
  2. That was MY buritto!!!!! *slaps*
  3. That is so much fun to look at...
  4. Yeah, are awsome, i love to just mess around with MS-Paint when i got nothing to do. Or if I'm high, it's fun
  5. i love ... freinds i can share a bowl with.. and pop tarts ya defenetly pop tarts
  6. i luv gettin high, then slip into a little somethin somethin.......

  7. I love your avatar!
  8. hey thnx BPP!
  9. I love college girls, every day's an adventure.
  10. And i love you too. Tom T. Hall country music singer from Tennessee!@

  11. I love you ;)
  12. i luv peanut butter cups and pizza!!! man, i am not even high right now!
  13. I love free-spirited people and of course getting high.
    I also love dancing in rain imagining I can fly!!!
    I love stoners that can smoke from daylight to dusk
    But most of all I love that feeling of complete and utter lust!!!
  14. Oh, I get it :D I thought it was a random post which didn't really require an intelligent reply..... :p

    I love Dr Pepper!!!!
  15. I LOVE YOU ALL..........for makin my 200 post so spectacular i feel like weve got a party going on here an shit...........ha ha bring out the beers and shots and weed...........its a PARTY!!!!!!!!!
  16. Woohoo!!! Parteyyyy!!! *rolls a footlong, and sparks it up* Eyyyyyy!!! Who wants first hit?

  17. *Stumbles into room*


    ...everybody get nay-ked!!!

    I love music, world cup football, and cartoons. Oh, and happy people in general.

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