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Discussion in 'General' started by pepperfan, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. I think I love smoking weed more than drinking beer and if giving the choice I would definantly choose weed and I was wondering which one you guys would choose?
  2. i love lamp
  3. lamp good....
  4. sky rockets in flight.. afternoon delight...

    wait.... backon topic..

    yeah.. given the choice.. bud wins %150 of the time (i dont mean budwiser....)
  5. herb is always the choice for me.

  6. do you really love the lamp? or are you just looking at objects in the room and saying you love them?
  7. :smoke: ...um..haha....what....oh go away....wait....where?
  8. Definatly mother herb, i dont even drink
  9. weed 80% of the time, i would be lieing if i saif otherwise, sadly in the worst times of depression alcohol takes preference, but only for one night then i smoke to analyse the night and my life, works a lot better than drinking my problems away
  10. since i'm on probation....i hafta resort to drinking....but i can't wait till may boy!!! haha!!! i'll be tok'n up when may rolls around
  11. the day i drink over smokin is the day ill retire from the dope game

  12. Damn, you all beat me to it.

    I love...........Desk.
  13. don't ask dumbass questions. what do you think a marijuana forum is going to say? "we love beer best."
  14. haha yea ^^^
    anyways, i dont drink atall. i dont really like it,

  15. quick question...do you play halo? A friend and I were playing a few weeks ago pretty blasted with some other people on our team who were stoned. Somehow we ended up singing that song over the headsets while kicking ass. It was fun.

    ...and now back to your regularly scheduled thread.
  16. I drink 3 or 4 times a week. I usually party on the weekends, theres usually a keg somewhere. I go over to my buddies house a few times a week, and he always has a 12 pack or 3 in the fridge. I will usually have a few with him. Its not bad unless you take it to extremes, which alot of people tend to do.

    So, i love bud. I drink bud and smoke bud. Bud is my favorite word.
  17. Defanitly one of the best in the english language
  18. My friends always wanted to get drunk, but i always said i'd rather smoke a bowl then drink.. grass before beer youre in the clear!!
  19. I love not compairing drinking beer and smoking weed. I love how different they make me feel and at how I must consume them in different ways in different places. I love the refreshing cold taste of different beers as much as I love the different stoney strains of pot. I dont think that they shall be compared anymore, I dont see why they would,they are two very different enjoyable substances that I enjoy to indulge in for different reasons! :smoke: [​IMG]

  20. Beer before grass, you might fall on your ass.

    I drink a few times a week, i blaze every day. Id rather blaze, but damn i love drinkin.
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