I love your imperfections...

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  1. No problemo :) Glad we're on the same wavelength! And yea, different is awesome- I'd rather just be me and have to deal with the little criticisms in life than be a conformist but unhappy ;)
  2. Thank you. :D
  3. Exactly. I used to think that I was supposed to please everyone all the time and I was always unhappy.
    But then I just started doing stuff because it's what I wanted.
    I've never been happier. :D
    I finally love the person I am.

  4. OMG. Are we like, long lost twins or something? Haha. That was exactly my take on life, until about a year or two ago, when I started gradually changing to become the person I am today... it used to be I was never happy unless I was recieving approval from all sides of authority (parents, teachers, etc.)
    But now that I toke, and my parents have found out, I no longer have their approval or even their trust for the time being... but I am okay with that. Because, I love who I am, I have the most amazing people in my life right now as friends, who are always there for me... and I still consider myself a good, kind and loving person... someone who has been judged/put down too many times in my life, so now I strive to be kind and tolerant to others :)

  5. haha :cool:
  6. I have a pretty bad scar on my left hip from when my uncles Rottweiler went apeshit on me. Took 31 stitches to fix that thing up.

    I have hobbit feet. All my toes are long and almost the exact same length, except my pinky toes, which are way too short and curved in. They're almost exactly 1/2 the length of the toe next to it, so it looks funny.

    There's also two scars on my left shoulder-blade that make a perfect "X". They're both about 5 inches long, and they intersect at the middle.

    The freckles on my arm match my other arm 100%. It's perfectly symmetrical. One dark one, one lighter one (both small) right below my elbow joint on both arms. Same shade, location, size, everything.

    I've been told numerous times (more than I'm happy with, but whatever) that I have a very girly figure, and I can't do anything but agree. If I pull my shirt tight, I have a really nice hour-glass shape. If I was a female, I'd fuck me I bet..
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    I have crooked bottom teeth and a scar on the top of my left hand and on the bridge of my nose.


    oh and my dick is tan up to a ring that i think is a circumcision scar and then its lighter
  8. That's really good.
    I love stories like that. :D

    I think with me, I've just had to learn to look out for myself and take care of myself.
    I've never had anyone that would do that for me and for a long time, I was just so consumed with making others happy that I totally lost myself.
    I used to need weed just to be able to function and get through a regular day in my life.
    But I've made changes for the better.
    I still smoke weed everyday, but now it's because I want to, not because I have to.
  9. i have a slight dimple on my cheek and i have a clean cut scar on my left eye that runs down to about nose-hight on my right cheek

    i have a very tiny light brown perfect circle mark on the inner side of my pinky aswell as a little left from my God's package:ey:

    i have a white spec on my tonail that never went away

    ill think of more later im messed the hell up
  10. oh shit i forgot i have freckles on my face that resemble the state of hawaii.
  11. I'm probably the only one alive that thinks my snaggle tooth is dead sexy.
  12. pic?...
  13. my eyes are kind of close together. people think i look like a serial killer

    big ears, and big nose

    really low voice..

    but some how i ended up with a hot wife?
  14. snaggers...... all the way to the left.
  15. hell naw...thats BEYOND sexy. damn gurl.
  16. I loooove snaggles! Not a whole mouthful but just the one-- sooo fudgin cute.
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    About twice as much hair grows in the area around my left nipple as my right. (theres not too much on either, but its still funny)

    My thumbs are super-flexible

    All my toes (excluding the big toe) are curled under a bit (at the second knuckle, not the big one)

    I have a freckle on the head of my penis

    My eyes change between blue and green (usually they're blue, ive been told they're green more often when im high, but thats probably not true) and there is a ring of gold surrounding both pupils

    My eyelashes are long for a guy (lots of girls have told me they want my lashes)
  18. Ain't got nothin on me haha


    I used to be self conscious but now they're just apart of me.

    edit: wow this pic is huge
  19. oh man, freckles.. I have really weird ones. One on the bottom of my foot, one next to my vag, and another on my nipple. It's gnarrrrrrrly.

    I also have a bigger treasure trail than my boyfriend if I didn't wax it off.

    I'm a hairy, snaggle toothed, freckled beast woman.
  20. speaking of nipple hair I just noticed yesterday that I have one nipple hair thats longer then the rest by alot, it looks like its 4 inches

    I have really long eyelashes but all the girls i ever met like that but i dont

    got a scar under my chin from an accident, and a scar on my forehead that makes me look like harry potter

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