I love your imperfections...

Discussion in 'General' started by runrabbitrunx, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. I always like when people have something kind of quirky that's not traditionally thought of as being beautiful.
    What's something unique about your appearance?
    (And I mean something that was there naturally, not something you did to alter yourself.)
  2. i'm hung like a hamster
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  3. I don't have a pinky toe on my left foot. I guess that can be beautiful to someone lol
  4. I think almost everyone has a little something wrong with them usually its has something to do with being A-symmetrical. Its hard to be the same on both sides ya know?

    One of my eyes open more then the other.. Not noticeable when i get enough sleep, actually its probably almost never that noticeable but it bugs the shit out of me especially when im really high or drunk. I went through a point in my life where i didn't even want to look people in the eyes because i was afraid i looked weird.

    I get alot of people who tell me im attractive but once you notice a flaw in yourself its hard to maintain confidence.. Which makes it weird that you find flaws attractive....:confused:
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  5. That's a trip.
    Have you ever had one?
  6. Nah I was born without it. Kids called me "toes" in elementary school :laughing:
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  7. I have naturally rosy cheeks.
  8. Haha. That's actually kind of why I made this thread.
    A couple of years ago a guy pointed out to me that my eyes are different colour, and at the time it really bothered me, but I've learned to like that about myself.
    Now I even think it's kind of cool.

    Or I have a lot of friends that have these little things that they don't like about themselves that I often find to be really cute or sexy.
  9. i have a freckle pattern on my leg that makes an upside down star, my eyes turn orange sometimes, and constantly have a black ring around the iris, also my eyes are kinda big...my mouth is naturally pouty mouth, if im not smiling, i always look like im pouting...lol

    idk, im sure theres more, but i try not to think of those things
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  10. I think that's cool as fuck.
    We don't really need pinky toes.
    Maybe you're just evolving faster than most. Ha.
  11. Those all sound really neat.
    Will you post a picture of yourself?

  12. My eyes are brown / green but they occasionally turn dark orange its weird.
  13. i have a freakishly large penis :cool:
  14. Hahaha. How big is it?

  15. hahaha no im justing fucking around. its normal sized
  16. Haha. Okay.
    I have a friend that has a really big one.
    I've never done anything with him, but he's shown me.
    And seriously, it must suck to have a dick that big.
    It's like SCARY big.
  17. I have small ears and a big head
  18. [​IMG]
    that is from about 3 years ago...but i look the same minus the hair, its a different color now:rolleyes:
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  19. Left leg and left arm longer than right leg/arm lol. My right eye becomes about half open if I am high no matter what while left eye looks normal, idk why this happens...
  20. You look like a real chill person to kick it with :cool:

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