I love your imperfections...

Discussion in 'General' started by runrabbitrunx, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. I have really really pale skin and natrally very red lips. I never have to wear any kind of lipstick. I guess it's kind of cool. I always have that semi-goth look without trying.
  2. I have chicken pox scars, one right over the other, on the right side of my face by my eye. They're perfectly aligned so I used to tell kids I'd been abducted by aliens when I was little.

    My eyes are mostly brown but turn reeeeeaally green when smoking/drinking/crying/puking-- anything that makes them water, really.

    I have chicken chicken CHICKEN legs. They are super skinny and all bawk-bawk like.
  3. im the only guy i know whos had sex for 40 hours straight and only came once.
    i have a scar going up the shaft my penis.
    i still have braces i got on in middleschool.
    i have very small speech impediment.
    i have a slightly larger than average sized penis. about 8 inches.
  4. freckles!! lots of them :yay:
    one big one on my left cheek, and one above my lip on the riight, marilyn style- but backwards :D

    also; one on my right booby, and one on the upper right buttcheek, one on my left hand centered between my thumb and pointer finger... the list goes on and on, those are just my favourites :laughing:
  5. Haha. I always think it's funny when people can randomly make me wonder what their cock looks like.
  6. is that a good thing?:confused:
  7. Hmmm... well the other day, my boyfriend was giving me a shoulder massage and i could really feel all the calluses on his hands, from lifting and carrying heavy containers of chemicals and such at his job in a pool store. It was the most random thing ever, but i was just like, babe your calluses are awesome. Like, i found it to be the hottest and most unique thing how his hands have compensated for the stress he puts on them... haha even he thought it was weird but i guess when you love someone, things you never gave much thought to before take on a new meaning.
    Like the little individual traits of a person who make them who they are... idk I'm kinda rambling now but yea, I know what you mean :) I'm sort of a bio/science geek too, so any physical imperfections or anomalies in nature tend to fascinate me
  8. i had what basically was a concave chest up until about a year ago. i forgot the medical term but it was basically a caved in chest. had two steel bars inserted in my chest to fix it and it looks pretty much normal now
  9. I have long balls...what can you do?
  10. I've got a 5 in long scar across my chest that I never made... I think I got abducted...seriously...

    And, my happy trail is skewed to the left side. It ends up on the bottom/left side of my belly button.
  11. I have freckles but they aren't as noticeable as they were when I was younger, which is weird because I'm pretty much the only Portuguese kid I know with freckles and I don't usually see kids with freckles have black hair.

    I have have a beauty mark right where my pubes end and my cock starts
    I also have a scar on my wrist that looks like where spider man shoots his web from, it was awsome when i was a kid :)
  12. oh that reminded me of another one. i have one super testicle cuz of a birth defect.
  13. Haha. Isn't wasn't bad.
    I'm just curious because I love scars and I don't think I've ever seen one THERE before. Ha.
  14. Ah! Thank you for posting!
    That made me so happy to read.
    You totally get what I'm talking about about liking something different. :D
  15. my eyelashes are really long as well!

    to the girl that made it good thread!
  16. i have a scar on the left side of my neck from a car accident i was in when i was 15, also im by bones like stick out everywhere im really skinny.
  17. lol maybe i can show you it sometime ;)
  18. I have really big lips (like straight up african lips) even tho im white

    I have a scar on my face next to my eye from blacking out on everclear recently

    I rock a shaved head and have a penny sized birth mark on the side of it

    I have really big balls (its hard to measure balls, but theyre pretty much double as big as everyone elses)

    I have a scar on the bottom of my dick from when this really inexperienced girl with huge sharp fake nails gave me an HJ in highschool

    I also have a scar right below my bottom lip from when this girl came and bit through my lip last year

    My eyes are BIG and BRIGHT BLUE

    I also have a bubble butt i always try to hide but people still notice it

    plus really fucked up callused hands from working out
  19. i wouldn't consider it an imperfection but i have a 10 inch penis :cool:

    and a dimple on my chin that makes it look like an ass haha
  20. Want to come over sometime? :ey:

    Just kidding. I don't think I could take that. Ha.

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