I love you guys.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SmoothCriminal, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. Dude, I can't tell you how awesome GC is. I come home after hours of work. class after class of total bullshit. and I come home, smoke a bowl and get on gc for an hour or so. It totally clears my mind of all the bad. It's the best part of my day.
    Load a few bowls into my pipe. post a few threads read a bunch of fucking hilarious stories and I'm basically set for the night. I love this website. I've always got this to come to after a bunch of shit just happens. Its great
  2. i love you too man... no homo
  3. I think this is a sentiment most of us can get behind.

    I know that I read GC for WAY too long to "clear out the bad" of the day before I finally registered. It was definitely a good choice.
  4. It makes so much sense when you're high, but for me it's about knowing you're not alone being in the counter-culture, because it can be hard sometimes and you can have doubts.
  5. I love GC as well. I lurked around for a bit and didn't post but I finally registered and began posting and now I love it!
  6. This site is the only one site where stoners can interact with other stoners without people saying "YOU SMOKE DRUGS!!!!???? =O" and to be honest, I say, if you DONT like GC, then get the fuck off it.

    Dont mean to sound rude, just sayin.

    PS. I love all you guys to, your like me 5th cousins.
  7. i love this site too.
    most of the people are pretty chill, and when needed they can offer some good advice.

    i dont think im smoking anything again anytime soon, but im still going to be coming to this site.

    one more post to go, lol
  8. i need drugz
  9. It's a chill place?
  10. hit the nail on the head there...
  11. GC is fuckin' awesome!
    haha dude i feel the same way. just reading about awesome stories on here is fun. and at the same time, you can gain more knowledge about the herb! it's the best!
    this community is great... i love my fellow stoners.
  12. Yea i agree. This place is bomb.
  13. I feel ya :). Seriously tho, i know what you mean, this website is truly awesome. Any other forum is full of a bunch of dicks:mad:. I'll just try and not take advantage of you :rolleyes:
  14. Stories can be good...Pandora's box is the reason I come around, though.
  15. Not very many people REALLY know what weed is. but this site has attracted some very smart people. Its great for advice and just to let loose
  16. I just take it as a merit to the entire marijuana community. I mean compare this board to other forums and it's a completely different atmosphere. So much less hostile and... intelligent!
    Fancy that.
  17. gc is the shit. so much interesting content and so many interesting people on this forum. Its kind of like from here I can see some perspective of the many lifestyles that exist, all of us with a common interest.

    I tip my pipe to you, ladies and gentlemen :smoke:

  18. thats the truth right there
    gc is one of the most amazing forums out there. its more then just that, its a pot smoking community :D
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