I love you guys.

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Sad Panda, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. I was having trouble with the payment options for an order, and I used the Support Center and got fast replies. And the replies weren't a form letter, either. Someone actually took the time to answer my stupid questions. Now everything's cleared up and my order for a glass bong and a Futurola roller is on the way!

    Man, you guys are just awesome. I want to marry you all.
  2. LOL! :D I'm glad everything worked out for you. We do have great Support for the Shop. Let us know how you like your stuff when it arrives!!!

    I just got the Futurola and it ROCKS. It took me a few tries since I normally just hand roll my j's (but these roll cones) and I've never used one of those filter thingy's...I just use roach clips when the time comes but the filter things are cool because you don't ever need clips (and they're not really filters at all!!!) :) Did I make sense?
  3. Thanks for letting us everyone know.. I hope you enjoy your order!
  4. Just out of curiosity, how long is the average actual delivery time to the Eastern US (CT)?

    Oh man, I just got 1/4 of high-mids today. I paid a little more than I normally would, but I think it's worth it since everyone else has been dry recently. I mean, after that 1/4, even the guy I bought it from was down to only a couple grams!
  5. It took about 3 weeks or a little more for me to get mine and I'm in TN. :)

    *edit*....but I didn't have glass coming so it might take a bit longer.

  6. 3 weeks?! Damn...
  7. It's coming from Amsterdam. That's actually not so long for overseas. :)
  8. i've been waiting a month and 9 days.
  9. Just got my shipment today! That makes...what, two weeks? Kick ass. I'm so excited...everything arrived in great condition. I love Grass City so much.

    The question is: do I try the bong or the Futurola tonight? Or BOTH? Hmmmm :)
  10. BOTH!!! :D

    Once you get the hang of the Futurola, you'll be addicted to it. Roach clips will be a thing of the past. What color did you get? Mine is blue.
  11. both......get smoking.....lol.......Peace out.......Sid
  12. Both... Enjoy both of them!!!!!!!

  13. Oh my god, I just rolled a joint with the Futurola, and it's soo beautiful. It's just...perfect. It's going to take all my self-control to wait until I've finished my work before I blaze it up. And the bong looks amazing! the neck is wide enough that I can finally put ice in it. I can have a bong hit of ice-cold water now!!! Better get the ice cubes started in the fridge...I'm so excited, it feels like Christmas.

    Mine is red and black. My college's school colors, incidently.
  14. it may be an idea to try to make ice cubes in the freezer....lol......or do you have one that has like a little dispenser on the front?.....you know the big huge ones.........double doors.......Peace out........Sid

  15. Nah, actually, I'm in college, and have a little mini-fridge. It doesn't have anything in it right now though, so I can turn the temperature all the way down so I can make ice.
  16. hey, right on! fun nite!the ..furturola rolls j's. well i'm gunna have to check this out. i didn't pay any attention to it. i've only checked out the shop a few times. but i'll be sure to go more often! oooo and christmas is coming[​IMG]! maybe i'll put the futurola on my wish list! i just love christmas!
  17. for those of you that just received shit in the us, maybe you can tell me if they check how old you are and if they make you sign for it?

    im waiting for a few novelty pipes and im kinda worried about something messing it up.
    by the way i used the free shipping if that makes a difference.

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