I love the rebecca black, Friday video (no video in thread)

Discussion in 'General' started by Flemian, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. It's like watching a car crash or someones bunji cord snap.

    No joke, Ive watched it like 8 times yesturday and again this morning since Ive been up (an hour).

    I know it's bad for My IQ to be watching her video and listening to the songbut it's so entertaining, I lol everytime..
  2. I fantasized about watching that car careen into a guard rail and flip end over end down into a rocky ravine where it finally catches fire the first and only time I watched that video
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    hah I'll give it a looksie

    edit: Cute girl, awful song. Sounds like a badly translated Japanese song "fun fun fun, we so excited".
    But what's all the hype about? :p
  4. this belongs in /r jailbait dude.
  5. They need a stoner's "Friday".And fuck the light stick party shit at the end.All we did was chill at night and take bong hits.These kids are pussies lol.

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