I love the beatles but this is kinda creepy

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  1. i love the beatles music but this youtube link below is a bunch of beatles music being played backwards and its kinda creepy....check it out

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UVDlg4x468&feature=related]YouTube - Beatles Backmasking[/ame]
  2. no this is just stupid. it sounds like that but no its just a mistake. sorry im a huge beatles fans and they do have a few songs like this. but most of this is bull
  3. I think people that sit around playing songs backwards looking for non-existent subliminal messages are creepy
  4. hahah a pair of sleepy red moose, ohhhh scary shit
  5. am i the only one who thinks the beatles were way overrated?
  6. i hate the beatles, and people who sit in their dark basements playing songs backwards.
  7. i was just on youtube a couple of days ago listening to the beatles and came across that.....just thought i would share it
  8. hate the beatles? I mean everyone's got their thing and some stuff doesn't jive with people, but hate? Really?

    But anyway...

    The mind doesn't like randomness so in an effort to make sense of things sometimes it sees and, in this case, hears things that aren't there. I forget what its called.

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