I love oxy contin

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by dose_me, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. fucking love it I love the feeling fucking love it
  2. Best thread in a while if I do say so myself....
  3. you shoulda just posted in the
    Opiate Appreciation Thread then.
  4. Haha that's great man congratulations.
  5. i did too, til i found my buddy ron. but i still love a fat line of oc.
  6. so do addicts.

    haha im just fuckin with ya man but you really should watch out with that shit.
  7. Just stop, now.
  8. Never done it. What's the difference between this and some good dank?
  9. there is a huge diff you ust have to try
  10. ^
    Exactly there are no comparisons with the high between marijuana and opiates/opiods
    The only way i can really expalin it is, weed is more of a relaxing drug thats calms you down and throws that monkey off your back. Opiates/Opiods are a painkiller that glues you to your seat and gives you a nice wrapped in a warm blanket feeling, also they have a great euphoria.
    Also your pupils constrict small as hell on opiods and your pupils dont change at all after smokin:cool:
  11. oooh yea how great it is:cool:
  12. OC is just " OK "
  13. OC = OK


    And I also agree that this should be in the Opiate Appreciation Thread.

  14. it takes a piece of your soul everytime you do it...like chris farley said about h. But i do agree, it feels fantastic..im sippin on some syrup so i cant lecture haha.
  15. I wish I could be opiated all the time. Opiates/oids are the only drugs I can do recreationally anymore. I don't like bud, don't drink, don't like stimulants due to lack of sleep. Just tripping, which for me is deep, and nodding.

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