I love my job!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MARIA, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. OK so i dont really love my job but i do love most of the people i work with......why........cause most of the people i work with are stoners...

    ok so i work at a fast food place.......i am a closer..........most of the other closers are stoners (yea even the managers) so we smoke almost everynight........last night was fun as hell........i just bought some then two of my boys come by and wanna match me.....so we (me, my two boys, my manager, and the two other closers), we smoked a blunt and two huge joints.......we got so fucked up then we had to back inside and close the store........yea man we fucked up on everything......i guess it is a good thing we got most of the shit done before we smokes.....

    so i just thought id share that we you guys.......:smoke:
  2. sounds like my job! usually after work, we'll all just meet in the parking lot and load a few bowls around. plus most of us are baked throughout the shift too.

    bout to go to work in an hour, loading the bowls now. :D
  3. I'm un-employed and uh... I smoke weed. I just don't close stores after smoking. Eh... I really do need to a get a job though. I'm going to apply for one right now in fact.
  4. I used to do Night shift at a grocery store, that was FUN! haha..toke like the whole night and eat w/e you want off the shelves ha!
  5. I used to manage a 24 hr. porn shop. Everyone who worked there smoked. I used to show up in the morning and take the guys out back and smoke them out. Man, I miss those days! :cool:
  6. i work in a warehouse over the summers and most of the people there are HS drop outs or college dropouts and they ALL smoke, it is a pretty chill place except the supervisors, who all have a nice broom stick up their ass

    but i guess the chill people make up for it, although, i dont get food from my job :(
  7. yea i work fast food(sonic's)and used to work at (KFC) people at both these jobs smoked all the time i get high everynight heres a good idea tell people you will give them food and drinks if they macth you one or smoke one with you you dont lose anything you get high your friends get high and they get food everyone is happy (well except for the copany but fuck em) cool story
  8. heh workin at perkins .. everyone smokes there .. like 80% of the people old or young.. and ya pretty much just go out back to 'take out trash' and smoke aj oint w/ like 5 kids hah

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