i love living by venice [NEW GLASS]

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  1. nice bong and plugs mang.
  2. you better be puttin ice in that thing!

    ...you gonna get an AC for it or anything?

    p.s.- fuck the haters

  3. tell you one thing, when im 50 ill be a hell of a lot more interesting than you :wave:
  4. You guys never went to a hardcore show *sarcasm*

    Nice bong! Clear bongs are the way to go. Shows all the milk goodness!!!
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    yeah i dont know about a AC yet, cuz im in dorm pretty much where my RA's can search my shit, and a ac is just another thing i have to constently fill with water drain, hide. but yeah if i have the extra money im sure id get one haha

    i was thinking if anything, ill just be getting a new bowl, this one is cool and all, i just like to have choices haha,

    edit: oh yeah ice! i forgot about that i filled up the ice tray thingy in the freezer that shit should be frozen by now muahaha, icey tokes after my shower, ill post a picture, i love smoking out of this thing!!!
  6. 50 bucks? holy shit, a bong like that would cost $200 around here.
  7. so like i was smoking with the ice and relized why the hell would i post a picture you cant see the ice through the smoke. so why bother going through the trouble.

    the ice is nice and cool, man ive missed haveing a bong
  8. damn man you cant beat that price for a glass on glass bong!:hello: good find looks nice

    sick gauges too bro, gotta love it when you cant go a day without peopling asking you questions bout them.... NOT it gets annoying after awhile lol

  9. really annoying, but people who ask good questions, are better than people who just stare, people who just stare piss me the fuck off. and people who ask stupid questions are annoying.

    old people tend to have meaningful and genuine questions, old people are cool.
  10. ya its usually the young kids that are staring and shit. I once had someone ask me if i was shot in the ear i was like wtf....

    but you should post some more milks man id like to see it in action more
  11. for sure, tomorrow morning

    im pretty damn high right now, trying to do observational drawing homework haha i keep spacing out instead of drawing :p, gotta finish that up, but tomorrow morning wake and bake before class, ill flic that
  12. sweet bro lookin forward to seeing that

  13. ahah im way stoney and that made me laugh so hard
    shot in the ear hahahaha
  14. i really needa better camera, im going to see if i can rent one from my school. :) come home and take some good pictures haha

    here my glass of milk after waking up and showering:bongin:

  15. nicee XD i wanna live near a beach someday
  16. Looks just like mine!!

    If it hits as smooth as mine youll love it!! :)

  17. hahah, i l-o-l-ed. i can't even remember the last time i've heard another person mention BME.

    cool plugs, cool ink, cool glass;)
  18. it hits so so smooooth haha

    did you get your at venice too?

    i figured out hey, why post just pictures videos are cool, sorry for no music, i didn't really think of that at the time haha

    and heres a picture of all my glass :)
    bong bubbler big pipe mobbing pipe.
    i dont name'em haha
  19. thats some sick glass right there bro.
    mad props :D

  20. exactly...enjoi man :smoke:

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