i love living by venice [NEW GLASS]

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  1. got bored today, and skated to venice, found this baby for 50 washingtons out the door :)

    not sure on the height, looks like about a foot and a half, glass on glass, ice pinchers, defused down stem :) i think i did good haha

    and i had to take pictures of it on the because.. well i just did (camera phone blahh i need a camera)



    and some milk :)
    (some purpz)

  2. thats a nice bong man have fun with that
  3. What's that funky colored golfball in your ear?

    I'd hide mad buds in there.........

  4. hahaha

    those are my plugs
  5. is that a carb on the side or is it a disk shaped marble?

  6. theres like a disk marble thing you speak of, on each side haha

    im faded, im suppose to be doing homeowrk
  7. did it hurt when you got that done to yo ear?
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    so thats a sweet bong aye?
  9. Nice bong, dude. $50 seems like a good price for that piece.
  10. is it hard to get a job with those?
  11. dam those are big mang, i got 2's thats biggest im makin it:smoke:

  12. you have no idea. and my right arm is half sleeved from my wrist to my elbow haha that dosn't help either.
  13. yeah I've thought about doing something like that, but I'm always scared of what employers would think of me. cause I mean, you know... I need a job to live and all.

    ahha specially living on venice beach! :eek:

  14. yeah i live really close to venice, i skate there almost everyday haha

    but yeah a job would be awesome, im a college student haha i go to the art institute in santa monica, 20 minute walk from venice beach, but my house is like 3 miles away or something, maybe more.

    but luckily, i also paint, sell some paintings at venice, save some money my mom helps me out with = new bong :)
  15. holy shit dude whats in your ear:poke::hide:
  16. nice, i like a good clear bong...

    lol sheltered kids dont know bout stretchin ur earlobes?
  17. you will surely regret that when your 50.. probably even 40. but i got a tat when i was 15 so who am i to judge... nice bong anyways bro keep tokin
  18. that piece for 50 bucks = great decision. doing that to ur ears = bad decision.
  19. nice guages man

    nice bong too
  20. shit man thats what im saying, if i wanted to talk about my lobes id go to bmezine...

    thank you for commenting my bong and not me. haha

    so far, i love this thing, im not one for naming pieces so i just call it my bong, but its my first "high quality" bong, i can tell the differnece in the hits with the defused down stem, much smoother, the welds are smooth as hell and the joints a thick, the walls are thick, its a pretty sturdy piece of glass :)

    im happy as hell with my purches:smoke:

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