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I love joints

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JS8672, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. I'm gonna go smoke one now, I'll post pic of some of mine after.
  3. looks pretty nice, did u use a buisness card for the filter?
  4. nice roll.
    almost looks like a cig
  5. I really think you used a roller for that or a pen but if not props for sure man.
  6. Nicely rolled. I personally prefer cigarillos for the slow burn.

  7. damn son is that rolled by hand or do you have a rolling machine?
  8. filter? We always called it a crutch

  9. crutch? We always called it a spacer
  10. u use a rollin machine.. i done this before.. eh nothing special bout em
    hand roll is better imo
  11. a crutch, like how it helps a person walk by holding him up...this helps a J stay up and open allowing for a beautifuly smoked J
  12. i can roll really nice joints, but i'd rather blaze a fat ass blunt. If i dont have alot of weed just pack a nice steamroller pack, maybe the dubb bubb or ill just use my bong mr. twister.
  13. I've been rolling for a while, and for me to roll one that perfect, oufff, I'd have to take an hour out of my day. Haha
  14. spacer? crutch? we always just smoked the damn thing
  15. Crutch? Spacer? We call it a filter around here...or a roach.
  16. That was definetly made with a rolling machine or a pen
  17. Nice, I don't really understand the appeal of joints but hey, to each his own. :)
  18. people like the more relaxed experience, and some people just love to roll them. plus, from a distance, it looks like a cigarette.
  19. ya man in socal its called or roach
  20. People round these here whereabouts call it a doohicky

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