I Love It!

Discussion in 'General' started by mikebot1067, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. I love having people come over...like the service guy now from Comcast and have my pipe out and all my lighers and some weed and have my room reek of weed and have complete blood shot eyes. It's fucking hilarious watching him glance at you adn your shit and he get's all uncomfortable. Lol.

    One of my sick pleasures >.>
  2. Sounds fun bro. JOE>
  3. i also take part in stuff like that. for instance

    I have a very flat roof, in which i like to smoke at when my mom is home, cause she doenst know im up there sicne i can get on it from my window.

    WELLL when im up there ill be toking, and the mail man, or a UPS or FED ex guy comes everyday, along with water delivery trucks, cops, and other people who randomly stop by our little cul de sac type driveway. and i sit there and just keeep staring that them while smoking, no smils, no waves, nothing. just blank stares. then they get done doing what there doing, and im in a tottally different place staring again. i find it quit hilairous haha
  4. Hahaha blank stares from people blazed are so hillarious but only to people that arent high.
  5. you should have blazed him up haha
  6. Lol. That guy was hella cool.

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