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I love it when you call me Big Poppa...Puff!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RMJL, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. Hey, Poppa! I know you don't listen to rap but you may have heard this song by Notorious B.I.G. "I Love It When You Call Me Big Poppa."

    I'm listening to it now and everytime I hear it, I think of you, which is funny, because the song doesn't match you or remind me of you, it's just the chorus " I love it when you call me Big Poppa..."

    I think of you and Ganjaphish when I crank up Led Zeppelin. In fact, I'm switching to it right now.

    Anyway, Big Poppa, have a cool day! ;)
  2. Well thank You sweetie!

    And your right, I've never heard that song before but I have read the lyrics. I did a google search of Big Poppa Puff and that was one of the hits that came back. Pretty cool lyrics but I need to hear the music.

    I am still working on my survivor application and will have a few more questions to post up that I need help with. Last time I filled the application out I tried to be Mr. Nice-guy and it didn't get me nowhere. So this time, I'm going to apply for the old coot slot on Survivor, kinda young Big Tom from Survivor Africa.

    I decided on my three adjectives that describe me best. They are yuppie, hippie, and hillbilly.

    My accomplishment that I'm the most proud of: When I was younger I was engaged to a sweet young lady, ring bought, church reserved, wedding dress bought and fitted, invitations printed, and some wedding presents bought. Then I met another sweet girl that turned me head over heels. The wedding was then cancelled and I married my true love. been happily married for over 11 years now.

    I am working a storyboard for my video shoot. It will involve me drinking a beer, smoking a J (but not on camera) and playing with my wild pack of killer blue heelers. One of our "Dad hypnotizes the dog routines" that I am famous for.
  3. Oh honey i've gave you "all of my love" but "babe i'm gonna leave you", because "since i've been loving you", we've had some "good times, bad times" and i "thank you" for that.

    But "hey hey, what can i do"....?......"i got a woman" and that's "nobody's fault but mine".....but i have to "ramble on"....they don't call me "the rover" for no reason, so i'm off now.....

    I think i might try to see "the ocean" and go "down by the seaside" on my travels.

    I've allways wanted to visit "kashmir" and see if there is such a thing as a "tangerine" tree, and visit the "houses of the holy"

    i'll phone from time to time but sometimes i may have "no quarters."

    Peace out.....Sid
  4. You fucking rock, Sid! Haven't I said that in another post, today, already????

    Hey, one likes a Mr. Nice Guy....well, at least not for Survivor. That hillbilly thing might be what get's you on the show. Smoking a j on camera will definitley get you on the show. Well, it would if I were judging tapes. Good luck and keep us updated. When is the tape due?

    Sweet story about your true love. I'm feeling all mushy, now! We can't let that happen...gotta find something to fix that.
  5. BPP on survivor? SWEET!

    Brave soul, poppa! They go through some shit!

    Would you try to sneak weed in? That would make for some interesting scenes! (Somehow I bet the TV station would not allow that out though...)

    hah! You'l have to let us know if you get in of course. I'll watch that whole series (something I haven't done since the first one).

  6. I've already thought about this.

    Everyone gets one luxury item and I thought I would bring me a totem bag for good luck. Some kind of Indian charm bag to wear around my neck. inside it would be soil from my farm, locket of hair from my sweetie, etc, etc. and a couple of mj top 44 seeds. Wherever i set camp up, I'm going to bust out and start trying to grow.

    as far as smoking, I figured I could buy a hemp shirt or hat and weave some hash into it.

    But if i get voted off the island after the third day, i get 39 days to hang around a swimming pool at a hotel and smoke with the cameraguys.
  7. When you get on Survivor, the City's going to get nuts. Every Thurday night we'll have a new record # of users. I can't wait!!!
  8. as long as you dont tell them your from alabama everything will be fine...

    from what i hear incest isnt that popular in other parts of the world.

  9. good one! Maybe I can tell them I'm a pig-fucker from arkansas instead.

  10. hey, you said it, not me :p
  11. hahaha i think of BPP everytime i hear this song as well! and RMJL everytime i crank up the zeppelin. i smoke many bowls to your honor RMJL with good zep tunes ;)

    and BPP on survivor? heck yeah! that would be so sweet :D

  12. Good one, Norm!!! Poppa's gonna get you!!!

    YAY! Ganjaphish is back!!!
  13. im skeered..

    where tha hell ya been?

    havent seen zia in a lil while either.

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