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I love grasscity

Discussion in 'General' started by The Crunge, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. It's just the best man. When you have a problem grasscity is just right there for you man. I love every single blade here.

    I love you guys and I'm drunk. I'll regret making this in the morning. But I love you and I love the doors and you guys are the best.

    I'm wearing a hat.
  2. Ilove you too bro... Whats your address so i can come love you more?
  3. no regrets! fuck it!

    I love you too bro..
  4. Was only joking bro massive props to you spreading the love n shit!
  5. People don't love enough. People are always focused on violence well that's not what I'm about. Nothing positive comes out of violence. But love is great. It makes you feel great. I love love. Spread love when you can. It makes people feel good.
  6. bro hugs for everybodyyy
  7. [ame=]scrubs - guy love - YouTube[/ame]
  8. Yea grass city has turned into my #1 "social network" site/app. Keep ahwwn tokin
  9. do u love me too
  10. dont play with my emotions like this Crunge!

    haha love you bud
  11. [ame=]The Doors - Love Her Madly - YouTube[/ame]
  12. I fucking love this thread.
  13. i love hats.. its almost like, im IN love with them..

    youre cool too though.
  14. Dawg I'm wearing a hat too man. Yeah gc is legit:smoking:
  15. I was too drunk last night. I woke up naked on a shelf in my closet.

    No hangover though!
  16. Nothing better than The Doors while drinking!
    Love you too man
  17. I love all you guys
  18. GC > Facebook.
  19. One big love fest in here.
    Love it.

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