I love Giant Eagle.

Discussion in 'General' started by KingPins, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Fuel Perks pwn... i just filled up for $1.66 a gallon.

    Time to smoke some trees... who is with me :smoking:
  2. Damn....it's 2.59 a gallon here
  3. Que senor?
  4. He's talking about gas....it only costed $1.66 per gallon
  5. care to elaborate a little more

    i mean your gonna talk about how lucky you are to get gas that cheap........might as well make it interesting and tell us what perk you have with the gas man

  6. hell yes man. GetGo is the shit its like a mini supermarket/gas station thats open 24/7
  7. hi, i live in san diego.

    welcome to the $3 gallon :\
  8. I go in there when I'm high sometimes. If there is nothing to do. I go and eat candy for like thirty cents. It is fun.
  9. in cinci it just shot up to 3.10

    last week i seen it go up 55 cents from 7 in the morning till 3 in the afternoon
  10. yeah man, it is such shit. Just the other day it was $2.60 around here and I was driving home from class today and saw $3.10........ It is ludicrous
  11. Damn.. Let me explain for you suckaz.

    Every time you spend 50$ in the grocery store, they give you .10 cents off per gallon... well right now they are doing double fuel perks.. so its .20 cents off for every 50 you spend.. and you can keep adding it up as long as you want. so instead of paying 3.06, I paid 1.66.. but now I have to start saving them again..

    you also earn fuel perks on gift cards, which is badass.
  12. one place around here off the highway near airport/attractions is like 4.00+++ ...everywhere else is around 2.60-2.75
  13. ya i got the whole fuel perks with my rocery store too

    you just cant let it accumulate, and its every hundred you spend is ten cents off here
  14. See, that is what is kickass about GE, they let you pile you your perks until you want to use them.. while my mom was working there she always used to save them up and get free gas.
  15. Hah, nothing is to love at Giant Eagle. Well, that is, if you're a soon-to-be 22 year old college student working as the stock boy there.

    Here's how my day there today went! I walked in for my 3-9 shift. The scheduled manager wasn't there, it was a different one that just started as manager. First thing she said to me is that she needs me to stay until 10 because the other stockboy couldn't make it.

    Sweet! Now I have to stay longer and I get to do ALL of the work. And when I say ALL, I pretty much mean all. As I mentioned, this manager just started, although she had worked at the store for NINETEEN YEARS. She didn't know what she was doing with anything.

    So my day mostly consists of :

    -Pulling every item on the shelves to the front, so it looks like a store would look in cartoons.
    -Going into the awful smelling, ice cold dairy cooler 5 times a night to refill the milk. (By the way, we rarely bother to rotate the products. And neither does your Giant Eagle).
    -Going into the horrible, horror movie-esqe meat room to scrub the floor with some gargantuan machine that barely fits in the door.
    -Getting smashed in the face by cans when you have to stack them 800 high the top shelf.
    -Going outside to push 40 metal carts with jammed wheels in 92 degree Pittsburgh humidity.
    -THE WORST...is filling ice cream to the shelves. Even with gloves on...there's just no escaping the cold, horrible pain of handling ice cream and shoving your arms in freezers for an hour and a half.
    -Bagging for people like Mrs. Minnie, who wants her milk and ice cream bagged in 1 paper bag, then another paper bag put over the top of it. Flour is to be put in 3 plastic bags, each rolled up after being put on. Bread loaves may only go one per bag and the bags must be paper.

    There is the fun, of course. You meet cool stoners who hate the store just as bad. You steal food and drink the milk and orange juice. You purposly run into shit with the floor scrubber, fuck with customers, talk about the other emploees behind each other's backs, whatever.

    But really the customers is what makes everything. It makes for the best times and the worst times. Some of the worst times end up being the best times in hind sight. Talking about all of the crazy stuff that happens there is what gets you through the day.

    Holy shit it's 2 a.m. and instead of starting my 2 page paper due in 7 hours, I'm typing a 2 page essay about my job in a thread about FuelPerks...

    ...Gotta love those drugs.
  16. LOL. Trust me, I know.. since my mom is high up for Giant Eagle, needless to say I used to work for them. They actually treat they employees much better than any other grocery store ive ever worked for (all of them pretty much).

    I worked in frozens.. stocking.

    EDIT- I used to walk around half the time and flirt with the cashiers.. if i ever become unemployed id go back to doing that for sure... stocking is the easiest thing ever, although i know how repetitive and bullshit it is.. esp when you have end caps aka displays.

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