I love females

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    I love their eyes
    I love how they do their hair or play with it
    I love how they smell
    I love their voice
    I love when they wear jeans that make the pants it self look good.  I guess that goes for all pants
    I love their soft skin.
    I love their curves
    I especially love the place that get's really wet
    Am I ghey?

  2. ghey, lol. No man. You're fucking awesome! And I'm with ya on the ladies. On the lasie, hah. I love all that shit too! [​IMG]
  3. Gay? Nah, idk your gender so it might make you a lesbian. Either way I agree with what you're saying lmao
  4. Amen brotha :ey:
  5. Awww yeah.  Who else wants to join on in this band wagon
  6. What about males who look like females
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIM4gmho8P0
  8. That wet part >
  9. I love their vaginas.
  10. If you love them so much why don't you just marry them!
  11. males will be males.
    lmao shit it'd be a problem if the dude wasn't staring
  12. Everything you like about em I like about em no we ain't gay

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  13. lol one day I will.  Right now I must tap as many different vaginas and crevices of the female body before I do so. 
  14. females are beautiful , even im attracted to them and im not lesbi. lol
  15. I love them better from afar...Way up afar, way, way up afar.
    Mortal bitch thinkin' she gettin' a piece of this God?  Hah, right. :cool:
  16. def ghey
    thread is full of phaggots
    That bitch is fine lol.
    Women are beautiful for sure. I'd consider myself a little gay lol.
  18. I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body! It's fucking awesome!
    so you are a tranny?

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