I Love anti weed commercials

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  1. my favorite anti weed commercial is the one where its going through the clips of the kids and they are like

    This semester I got straight Ds:D
    Last night i called my ex-girlfriend 27 times :D
    I made my mom cry :D

    and my personal favorite
    the black kid that looks completly wrecked is like :smoking: i ditched my friends and made them find their own rides home :D
    what has weed done for you?

    haha what are ur guys favorite antidrug commercials
  2. The one where the girl is melting on the couch. They think shes got it bad? How about her friend. She's got nothing to do but watch the stoner melt.
  3. its not a weed one but the peewee herman one is good. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEGywhma69E"]YouTube - Pee Wee Herman PSA[/ame]

    same with the talking dog one. why the fuck doesnt my dog talk when im baked :s
  4. haha first off welcome to the city whiskey flames second off pee wee herman DEFINITELY used crack to get cool... i like the weed cocoon one also where the kid keeps buying weed and putting it aorund himself.... i was thinking like shit once he got out of that thing hes got madddd weeed to smoke hahahaha
  5. Melting couch girl Doug Benson has a joke about it that made me appreciate it. The dog, the kid looking through the door with the burn on the back of his neck.

    Then that bitch looks at him all ashamed. Don't be ashamed you bitch you are smoking weed not giving bj's in front of this kid.

  6. bitch shoulda been smokin a blunt then she wouldnt have been so ashamed :smoking:
  7. GOTTA love doug benson haha! TOP 3
    The weed cocoon
    the melting girl
    and the dog
  8. She was smoking a blunt:smoking:
  9. "i ditched my friends and made the find their OWN way home."

    doubt it, i always go pick up my friends and give em a ride home, high or not. sometimes i even smoke with em on the way home.
  10. haha no way shes smoking a weak ass doobie... jeez at least make it worth it if ur lil bro sees u hahaha and damn if i had a little brother that got a burn in his neck when i smoked.... little ***** would be burnt to a crisp
  11. Ah well whatever I prefer bongs.
  12. hahaha yeah bongs are the shit i got a mini roor with a 4 stem perc with splash guard and ice catcher.... so bongs are always good... haha
  13. does anyone remember that one.where the dudes are goin through the drive thru, and it shows ajoint in the ash tray in the car and the guy is like "watch dude" and it shows a little girl on her bike crossin. and they supposedly hit her. so gay
  14. Yeah man that commercial pissed me off.:mad:
  15. My favorite is definitely the talking dog one, because it didn't make me feel bad for smoking weed, it just made me want some of whatever that chick was smoking.
  16. Those are great. is the second one supposed to be drunk dialing style? I didn't get that.

  17. that one is my favorite also, i like the ending where the kid is on the couch and he's like "i let people write all over me.:D"
  18. The one with the two black kids and the little one says "No man I dont smoke weed. I smoke clowns like you on the bball court!"
  19. deff doug benson's one

    but one that made no sense at all to me

    two guys are sitting on a bed just staring at the wall and eventually the camera shows an african tribal mask that starts telling them what they did was wrong. but the thing that i found the funniest was they gave an african tribal mask a jamaican accent

    although i think this was a Canadian commercial and you yanks may not have seen it
  20. Super high me....

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