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I lost control of my body.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Flying Lotus, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. This happened to me a few weeks ago, & I've been constantly reflecting on the situation, to no avail.

    Perhaps Grasscity can provide me with the answers I seek?

    Basically, I made some insanely potent hash brownies, went to a concert with 2 of my friends, and had a great time.

    I was so blazed, couldn't even move, in a whole 'nother world!

    But then...
    As soon as I said "Alright, let's leave" and walked out of the Venue, my body just began shaking uncontrollably. It was like I was shivering from the cold, but 10x stronger than normal. I literally could not stop my body from violently shaking.

    This made my mind dive deep, into some dark place.
    Because I got very scared.

    My friends (very supportive) did their best to calm me down, but nothing, literally nothing worked. We got in my car, and just sat there for like 10mins.
    But still, my body wouldn't stop. It was a big problem, because I absolutely could not drive, in anyway. My car is a manual, and neither of my friends drive stick. So here we are, 2hrs away from our homes, 3am, blazed off our ass, and I cannot control my body. I even began dozing in & out of, what seemed to be "Dream States" where I would see bright colors, & strange Hypnagogic Imagery. Then I would suddenly re-enter reality and feel as though I had just woke from a dream.

    After about 30mins, & a few failed attempts to drive down the road, I forced myself onto the freeway. Driving unbelievable slowly, and cautiously, my friends kept my mind occupied with conversation & kind words as we cruised home. I dropped them off, and literally do not remember driving myself back to my house. I remember getting home, walking upstairs, and just passing out. The second I laid down, I was OUT.

    I'll be honest, I'm very experienced with Marijuana, and even some (cough) hallucinogenics (cough) so I definitely know what I can, & cannot handle.

    I wasn't paranoid at all, I was having a blasty blast! It was going great, up until the exact moment we walked outside. The shit went downhill fast.

    Overall, started out absolutely amazing, ended horribly.

    I have never had an experience like that, & I never guessed Marijuana would cause such a "Bad Trip" effect, seeing as I smoke every fucking day.

    Any blades have thoughts to share?
    What happened to me?...
  2. heart racing?
  3. I honestly cannot remember. I was way too fucked up to recall.
    But I'm assuming it was. I didn't really notice anything else about my body, due to the fact that my shivers were to damn powerful/violent.
  4. As a fellow stoner I'm going to assume you went to a rave type of concert where there was dancing/ moving so you probably overexerted your body and it caused violent shaking or spasms of your muscles and if your body was overheated then I assume the outside temp. would feel cold making you shiver violently and then on top of it, the super potent edibles kicked in with your blood rushing so fast, it probably dispersed very quickly. So seems like alot of factors.
  5. It wasn't a Rave, it was just a chill little electronic show, maybe 20 people there tops. I didn't move much at all, except bobbing my head n shit.
  6. Maybe it was just low blood pressure?

    Did you feel light headed at all?
  7. Despite what others feel, my personal opinion is that most people have a "thresh hold" that, if passed, can cause interesting symptoms. When I first started smoking, my friends were all veterans to smoking - what made things worse is that half of em were dealers that all knew and enjoyed each other's company. We'd sit in circles and after the 5th or 6th blunt in under 30 minutes, I'd be getting fucked up. Here I am, used to a few bowl tokes that would get me absolutely ripped for the entire evening (and even lingering into my morning classes the next morning!) Imagine how 3+ blunts of some killer would get me. I know what dream-state you're referring to, and I understand shaking. I've even puked pretty hardcore from over smoking without a full stomach. Numerous thing. Edibles, in my mind, allow the effects of THC to hit your brain wayyy faster, like a sack of bricks. I fine tune my edible high by going slow and actually smoking to pinpoint the high just where I want it.

    In all honesty, not that you needed this wall of text to tell you, but it just sounds as if you just over-indulged. I'm sure you gathered this since you made potent edibles. No big deal, happens. Hope your next experience goes better tho, I hate when this happens.

  8. Mind telling me the artist?
  9. Not at all!
    [ame=]Daedelus - DJ set (Live on KEXP) - YouTube[/ame]
    It was a great gig.
  10. Sounds like the same thing that happened to me. Feels like you cannot relax your body what so ever. Feels like you are shivering but at the same time it doesn't. If that makes any sense..... lol
  11. My brothers first time smoking hash happened like this, we walked outside my backyard and he just collapsed, you just have to get used to potent shit

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