i lost a brother.

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  1. today, i found out one of my best long time friends who we each considered each other brothers had commit suicide (hung) himself in treatment. im havin hella flashbacks of 5th grade when one of my friends hung himself. me and my girl blew hella trees in honor but its too much emotion for me to type..

    R.I.P Landon Gregory Lind

    ~lifes rough ride it out
  2. Fuckin shitty man :(

    toke in peace
  3. Fuck..... that fucking sucks.

    We're getting alot of suicides on here lately.

    There was this one poster a couple days ago saying her bro hung himself.

    My condolences, if you need to talk, P.M me, i'll respond within 12 hours.

    I get frustrated when i hear about suicides. Every problem i have ever heard of someone hanging themselves over was a temporary problem.

    Permanent solution to a temporary problem..... bad mojo.

    I dunno what i'd do if someone that close to me killed themselves.

    Peace man, if your up for it, smoke a bowl in their name.

    R.I.P Landon Gregory Lind.
  4. I feel ya bro...Just imagine him on his happiest days him and you just hangin.... my friends mom just killed herself tonite I went to the hospital with him she OD'ed on pills and they dident get here there on time....

    R.I.P Landon Gregory Lind.
  5. R.I.P. To all fallen Homies..
  6. There was 2 suicides in the town over. Im real close with a few kids from that area and it was a fuckin mess down there
  7. Man that sucks! I shudder to even think of the state of mind you would have to be in to even consider doing something such as killing yourself.

    I say sit back, smoke a bowl, and be grateful that you are not feeling that way.
  8. Damn man, not sure what I can really say that might help you feel better....

    If you need to talk or anything, feel free to hit me up on an IM. There's also a thread going around with lots of ppl's IM's in it if you need to talk to someone.

    I'm so sorry to hear about things like this though, and i'm very sorry to hear it happened to someone close to you.

  9. I ve been in your place and im really sorry to see you in that situation..
    im really sorry for your friend..i wish i could say sth that would make you feel better but thats sth that time will bring along...
    if you need someone to talk pm me.anytime..
    my next bowl is for you,your friend and everybody else who's not anymore with us.
    unfortunately suicide is a very selfish action that people who are left behind have to deal with it..and its hard and painfull..
    im really sorry for your loss...
  10. Man yeah it sucks..and then when you do think of the good times you wish you could make more memory's with them "/. Man does it sucks.

  11. We all feel for you man but at least you got to know him for a while where as my buddy's brother was sent to jail 90 had and is still serving his term and he hasn't seen him since he was three so you can only imagine how little he knows about him.

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