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I live in Sacramento and am wondering if ANYONE knows ANYTHING about 916 OG...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ckoko, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. I recently went to a dispenary here in sac and bought by far the best indica i've tried in my life but I'm curious as to what strains were crossed to make it. I've tried some of the heaviest indicas out there cuz I have insomnia, and I'm bi-polar, so when I'm manic I act and feel like a meth head...I talk loud and fast, I get irritated, I cant sleep, so I always need good indicas to calm me down and bring me back down to normalcy, so before I found this miracle strain, I thought I had already found the strongest and best indicas for me such as purple cream (GDP x purple urkle x GDP), God's Gift (GDP x OG kush), Herojuana, and purple heaven (purple hash plant x purple kush x GDP x purple urkle x godfather x purple afghani) I went in to purchase 1 of those strains and the owner told me that this 916 OG has waaaay more potency than the others i listed and it was a pure indica which I thought was weird cuz I figured it was just some plain OG kush that was grown in sac and I thot thts why it was called 916 i bought it, and yes it had the EXACT same OG kush smell that all top shelf or descent OG kush strains should have but the bud wasnt shaped or colored like normal OG kush, ne wayz long story short....I smoked this and it blew ANY and EVERY strain I've EVER tried IN MY WHOLE LIFE completely outta the water...I wanna know what the hell was this OG kush crossed with to make it a pure indica, and it was more than 2x potent than any OG or any indica I've ever tried...the body high felt literally like being on heroin or oxycontin or opana or sum kind of heavy opiate. Since then I've not been able to find ANY info on this strain but would do ANYTHING to get my hands on some or at least get some info on what strains are in it....If anybody knows and can give me the 411 on it I would greatly appreciate that....happy toking every1
  2. I know about that 618

    [ame=]Raw Resse - 6.1.8. - Official Video-New Music Video - YouTube[/ame]

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