I live in my treehouse now.

Discussion in 'General' started by New Car Smell!, Feb 15, 2009.

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    I'm way ahead of you. There is a 20 foot deep, and 30 foot wide moat surrounding the tree. I know what you're thinking, and yes. The drawbridge............ is............ awesome

    Oh now don't be harsh. I told you earlier I would when the time was deemed appropriate. Besides, its dark out! Do you have a camera with a flash to light a 55 foot tree and tree-house? :)

    You can come dance on the pole in my "trees-house" if you'd like. I'll have Toucan Sammy bring you the best nug on the tree!

    I love the ideas buddy! but the idea of sitting in bong water kinda makes me feel all squirrely

    It is currently in a flowering state. This is how Toucan Sammy is getting all the buds!

    I'm way ahead of you. I have gathered a group of specially trained birds (Thanks to Silus over in the cloning/ breeading department) that cut down on any growth that is becoming a threat to the house! I feed them firecrackers and they appreciate it.
  2. you have a moat and a drawbridge??

  3. Roflmao.

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    I'll be laughing at you when you're lying on the ground crying hysterically in a pool of your own urine on the other side of my moat while we're all partying in my tree-house. If you think we're letting that drawbridge down, you are trippin!

    You don't want to join him do you? I already said I'll let you dance on the pole! I'm sure all the other blades would love it :)
  5. This thread makes me smiiiiiiiile, oh man does it make me smile.

    I hope to one day be worth enough to atleast See this trees house.
  6. If this is real, I'll be on your pole naked ;)
    you have my word. haha
  7. You can hit the peace pipe second! After the wackdeafboy hits his wackdeafnug. It's curing right now, in wait for the time in which he will set eyes on the magnificent nugget of glory. It's curing inside of "Toucan Sammy's Secret Curing Chamber of Mystical Wonder."

    Your nugget is on its way down. I've sent Toucan Sammy to fetch. I shall call it "Widowpanes"

    I'm doing my happy dance in my tree-house right now sweet thing

  8. YESSS.

    I bet I'm dank as hell too......
  9. ^^^this thread makes me smile a lot too man...ive been smilin all night(rolls-grey pandas?)but this thread is making me smile even more

    you should trip while you live in philly...theres some great doses around and good boomers every now and again..
  10. You know how big the buds would be on a 50+ foot tree house? That plant would produce at least 20-30 pounds, haha. That would probably be the coolest thing I've ever seen.
  11. Why do you have my botanist / scientists picture as your avitar?
  12. O'bamarama works in your tree house of happiness Too?!?!?!
  13. No, he was the one who created the strain that became the wonderful host of my wonderful home! What is this "O'bamarama" you speak of? He has told me his name is Silus.
  14. That's Barack for ya, such a jokester.
  15. epic thread haha
  16. Do you even have to ask? No place is ever complete until you have a ball pit (like the ones on the McDonalds playgrounds).
  17. Too bad they always end up smelling like B.O. or piss.
  18. I am SO coming to this treehouse one day.
  19. Thank you! I'm sure you are as true of a G as your username states!

    Anywho, I have started preparing for my grow room inside my cannabis tree-house! I've decided to have my botanist make me an amazing strain which I will name Irony, due to the ironic nature of its growing conditions!

    Feel free to leave any notes you would like me to pass along to Toucan Sammy Sosa. He's awfully sad after his ex-stripper turned prostitute Patricia Parrot girlfriend flew south for the winter and in search of "A PIMP and a dream" is what I think she said

  20. Exactly, Quoted for truth!
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