I live in my treehouse now.

Discussion in 'General' started by New Car Smell!, Feb 15, 2009.

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    Well, I've nursed my specially cross bred White Widow plant to a healthy 55 feet (my friend is a botanist and crossed it with some scientific shit to make it grow big and strong!). I decided it would be cool to build a tree house on my plant, so I did! I got so happy when I was in the tree-house, so close to my plant, I decided to run power and water, and live in it! So, here I am. Living the life.

    By the way I live out in the deep woods on some big property. I don't think anybody is going to find my tree-house any time soon :)

    What are some cool additions to my "trees-house" you guys can suggest? I'm thinking a bigscreen and some bitches with a stripper pole. Are there any grasscity bitches that wanna come dance in my weed tree-house? I've got a nugs bigger than Mr. T!

    I've added an accurate sketch of exactly what the inside of the tree-fort looks like for all the haters.


    For size comparisons

  2. lol.

    You should rent out half of it to get a little spending money.
  3. ..................I'm speechless...................
  4. i didn't read your post, I just wanted to say that new car smell is the shit.
  5. Oh, thank you kind person! I would live in a passionate ball of new car scent if I didn't have such a nice tree-house to live in!

    I'm thinking of building a grow-room in my weed tree-house next week. How ironic!

    There's a little birdie I call Toucan Sammy Sosa that likes to perch himself atop my roof in the weeee early morning hours. Me and him have become good friends. He is quite useful as he picks buds off the parts of the tree I have a hard time climbing to, and brings them to me!
  6. nice first post. bullshit, and troll. how old are you? 12, 13?
  7. Oh come on now young man, how would you know such a thing! Have you ever attempted the types of cross breeding my buddy Silus the Scientist has? He's a genius. We grew the plant for 22 years and 6 months, started when I turned 27 exactly! That would make me 49 years, 6 months old to this day!

    I have a 12 or 13 year cured nugget of some of the governments original "G-13" Strain of marihuana, if that's what you're referring to. How did you know that?!
  8. Ahhahaha this kid's a riot.
  9. This has to be the most entertaining troll I've ever seen. :laughing:

    Can't we keep 'em as a pet as long as he stays in a cage?
  10. Real or not this is the shit I like reading baked.
  11. exactly.
  12. Let's feed him scraps and pet him.
  13. I bet the OP looks like that purple cat in that dudes sig.

  14. Chinese and in a black light?
  15. first thread i clicked on after blazing up.
    this just made me happy haha.
  16. take a picture of it.
  17. lol i mean under his post. You must be high.
  18. No, you must be high. and drunk. and triangle-asian eyed, like your eyes turn into shapes when high, not oval, but triangles, mine turn into squiggly lines when I'm high.
  19. This thread is epic!
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