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  1. I can offer is the only way to find a new destination was as and some the only honest part of water and some the path the powers beyond existence. I fight between turtle's and a root chicks like to find a new destination was as and a root.
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  2. ???wtf???
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  3. I think your missing the turtle its in the hat.
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  4. You're on some whacked out shit
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  5. What is with these weird ass posts lately?
  6. Folks getting hold of purer dabs lol i think of all kinds of stuff when dabbing
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  7. I'll bet 50% of these weirdos are from Florida.
    Lemme hear ya SHOUT-OUT!
  8. Grow the fuck up
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  9. Lol Florida native here. I think all people are weird.

    But it’s probably just me who’s weird -
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  10. Hell, I think I belong right out there with you guys!
  11. little did we know legalisation would be reduced to this

    perhaps the Brits were right ...& leads to madness

    more so for the under18yo

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