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I like my coffee green

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by HBmonster, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I had the idea of making some coffee and putting some of bud in it one way or another but as I researched it I didn't find an exact solution..

    But what I did think of was putting some hash in the creamer I use and pour it in. Would that work? I know its pretty much milk and I'm pretty sure thats what some people use to eat (drink) hash with but I may be wrong.

    I got a coffee maker recently so if anyone has some suggestions for me to try please let me know.


    \t\t \t
  2. Maybe if the cream/creamer has a high fat content and you make it the same way as you would cannabutter but I'm no expert.
  3. Make mothers milk and then use that as your creamer
  4. Glycerin hash/canna tincture... easy to make, blends in liquids more evenly than oil, and it's very good in coffee, cocoa, tea and, well, lots of things. :) Glycerin has a very sweet taste. Just add your tincture to your coffee before sweetening, add cream, sugar if needed, and away you go!

    To make real canna milk or 'bhang', it still requires making canna oil first, by using clarified butter or 'ghee' with either hash or herb to promote bioavailability.. then you need re-incorporate that cannabinoid infused milk fat, into a very-warm milk for up to several hours, whisking occasionally, until blended or homogenized enough for serving.

    People often misunderstand the process, and just try making it with straight milk the entire way through. Milk on its own, is an incredibly diluted oil source, and full of water which pulls in more inert, unpalatable plant matter. A pure edible solvent, provides a much more reliable effect.
    This is why there are so many threads, full of folks concerned that their milks have somehow come out too 'green', and at the same time less potent/bioavailable than they should be (sometimes, not providing any effect at all, after using grams of material)... That is called 'lazy-milk', but not the good kind of "Lazy Milk", implying the feeling you should have afterwards!


    The above, are the ingredients for an -InstaCanna Coffee-, a quick, cool on-the-go breakfast drink made using a water-washed green dragon, glycerin tincture, cream, sugar, and a good organic instant coffee.
    Normally I brew, but received a message from a person looking for a quick, instant coffee recipe for the above tutorial... just substitute coffee, brewed at double strength (at least double strength), poured over ice if you'd like it cold, rather than hot. I like it fresh, rather than brewing at a little over average strength, and chilling in the fridge.

    Hope this helps. :)
  5. I make an alcohol-based tincture, and then I add it to whatever I'm drinking. An alcohol or a glycerine tincture would be your best bet.

    I think it actually improves the tastes of some things.

    you might be able to infuse heavy cream with the MJ and then make a cafe con leche', latte, or cappuccino with it. I doubt that coffee creamer would work.

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