i like a girl who thinks of me as her brother

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  1. so ive been going to school with this girl for a couple of years now and i really really like her, shes one of my best friends and i do everything with her. her and her boyfriend just broke up and im not sure of what to do. any suggestions?
  2. ask her if theres any chance you and her could try out bein inna relationship..

    you may have been friendzoned long ago tho
  3. i hate the friend zone, shes told me before that im an amazing guy and such so i dont know
  4. Sounds like all you can do is be a shoulder to cry on as she fucks every guy other guy in town

    Y'all blades need to quit getting friendzoned so hard :smoking:
  5. Prove to her that she can't live without you. That's the best general advice I can think of.
  6. call her a slut/cunt and you're out of the friend zone
  7. Since she just broke up with her boyfriend my advice might not be that good for this situation but in general, when you're in the friend zone you want to slowly distance yourself from them and change (don't act the same and end up friend zoned again lol).
  8. Just get your swoop on, get in there and get out!

    Like a fuckin' eagle bitch, just take it!
  9. 1. i'm sorry, you've been friendzoned
    2. it happens to probably a million guys a day
    3. move on, quit giving her attention, find someone else. you will never get with her after you've fallen into the category unless you're yummybud
  10. like a crow he needs to give her the caw-cawk!
  11. General tip for getting her to like you more, start ignoring her, seriously
  12. If you tell her how you feel, and she says your like a brother, say "Then l hope your into incest" and start chasing her of she runs.
  13. well this will work out because im going to a different school next month
  14. stick your finger in her arse the next time she's a sleep. If she jumps run,, If she lays there, your all good. I'm no dr. phil though.
  15. Classic case of the friend zone, kid. The only thing you can do is distance yourself from her for a while and then reintroduce yourself as a different person (one who isn't in the business of being friends or the nice guy). That is pretty much the only solution to this scenario.
  16. Personally, if a friend of mine who I'd known for years wanted to try dating and wasn't a nasty ass loser like the last guy who told me, and I quote, "i think it's time we took this to the next level," (excuse me? YOU think it's time? What about the fact that I think you're a total weirdo and have already flat out told you multiple times that I'm not interested and I constantly treat you like crap and tear you down? o_o) then I might consider it.

    I mean, at least say something to her about it before just assuming she'll shut you down. If she does, then you're still open to try all these different mind games the other posters are suggesting, and... it takes a lot more balls to admit to your feelings than it does to run away with your tail between your legs.

    Not saying you have to tell the girl you're totally into her, just drop a few hints (ie: 'I'm sorry your ex was such a jerk... i would never treat you like that if we were dating') and see what her response to that is. If she laughs it off and looks uncomfortable, drop it.

    Unless you're unattractive and she's friends with you BECAUSE of that. I have a lot of guy friends I hang out with because I don't find them sexually attractive so I can relax and don't have to worry 'bout the way I look all the time or ever finding myself in this situation, haha. o_o If you happen to be below a 6 on the sexy scale you'd probably be better off just accepting the parts of her that you do have.

    But seriously... "friend zone" seems more like a myth to me, esp if you're a stud. I mean, the first friend I had that told me he was into me I lost my virginity to and dated for 2 years - if he'd done what people are telling you to do and kept quiet and never said anything I wouldn't have even considered it just because I never thought HE would be interested in ME, but... then again he had the sexiest abs I'd ever seen and owned his own business already o_o which probably helped, if there IS a friend zone.

    Anyways, guess what i'm saying is all the guys I've "friend zoned" in the past hasn't been because they were previously my friend, it's been for other reasons like the fact that they looked like trolls.

    Anyways, whatever you decide to do, good luck. Just know that the friend zone isn't the end all of everything. There are ways, and it happens every day. You never know unless ya try.
  17. thank you everyone, this has been very helpful
  18. distance urself and shes probably gonna ask you whats wrong, just ignore her and stay away from her act like its all her fault ;) bitches love that

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