i let things bother me too much...

Discussion in 'General' started by RobHecht, May 13, 2006.

  1. Yeah so today it poured all day so i had baseball practice inside. since there wasn't much room for any kind of good, quality practice my coach figured "hey let's run the hell out of those kids." (yay! :cool:) so we end up running for over 25 minutes, the total was 58 sprints which is rediculously high, a good run is about 20 sprints. since i hadn't eaten anything all day except for 2 cartons of chocolate milk right before practice (u can probably see where this is going) after the sprints were over we brought it up as a team for the end of practice and i puked all over the gym floor. everyone on JV and Varsity saw it, it was the most embarassing and degrating thing that i've ever experienced. it happened last night and i'm still bothered by it, i feel like i can never set foot in school again...i need to figure out how to not let things bother me so much.
  2. Things like that happen to everyone. Just remember that there's so sense worrying about something that already happened since you can't change it. Nothing is ever as big of a deal as you think it is.
  3. First off are you on varsity or JV?

    Varsity they'll probably think that you ran really hard and puked. I don't think anyone will shun you, except for maybe the janitors, I would watch out for them. :eek:
  4. Varsity, and actually, i didn't want the janitors to have to clean up so i went to the janitors closet and got the mop/water bin thing and mopped it up myself. i did that for "character points". i think that impressed my coach.
  5. any athlete that hasn't puked during practice doesn't try hard enough.
  6. Actually throwing up after/during excerise is a bad sign. Its very bad for your body to do that and means it was pushed wayy to far and thus your hurting your body rather than helping or "conditioning " it. No coach should have anyone on their team throw up if they want the player to improve.
  7. i'm not talking about the coach. i'm talking about the person. i'm not saying that you should puke. i'm saying that if it hasn't happened or you haven't felt like you were about to, you don't try enough.
  8. No big deal. You'll probly have a new nickname now but nothing to worry about. I play on an amatuer baseball team and i puked ON the baseball field during our first practice this year. Dont sweat it.
  9. dude it happens all the time. Ive seen people barf all the time during some type of sport practice. Don't worry about it
  10. If I saw you puke, I would laugh at first just because you dont see very many people puke, but I wouldnt think differently of you, its not like you're a worse person for having puked.
  11. yeah, you definately let things bother you too much. I puked quite a bit throughout my football career in high school. Always after a shitload of running too. I agree with whoever said it was pushing my body too hard, but somehow i always felt like i gave it my all if i puked after practice.

    i wouldn't worry about it man, it may be embarrassing, but you know what, its moments like that that make life kinda funny
  12. Exactly, its just a funny story to tell.

    But get used to a nickname.

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