I know whats going to happen in 2012

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  1. Todays civilization thinks there're so smart. progress , technology , breakthroughs . even us potheads are basicly doing genetic engineering when we created new strains of pot. right ? well I think we have been geneticly enhanced for the purpose of harvesting our DNA. THEY ARE COMING ! in 2012
    I'm just following the clues. mankind has been around for 300,000 yrs. but in the last 1000 yrs mans brain has tripled in size. we are ripe for the picking. just like us looking for answers in stem cell research some other being is way ahead of us.
    does anyone one else see how these pieces are coming together ?
  2. i think it will be a culmination of several things, some natural, and some not. we are the chosen generations for some reason. the whole things going to feel surreal.
  3. Historically what happens when a higher civilization discovers a lower civilization ?
    Slavery happens.
    when they come we will be slaves, pets, or food.

  4. lol that's a large assumption.
  5. for gods sake dont take your tinfoil hats off.

    Maybe theyve been breeding good looking manly men for breeding and it will be an all out orgy with hot normal looking girls. yeah....aliens would kick ass
  6. If aliens do come, I hope they look like Bubbles
  7. Um, actually, the Cro-magnon's date back to around 35,000 years ago and their brains were bigger than ours are now.
  8. Yes, but it depends on how you view it.

    Do you see it as 'evil aliens coming to pick our brains out and eat it'.
    Or do you see it as a new evolution process which will shoot us to new hights in awareness etc. etc.


  9. that's the scary part. why did they enhance us ? are we just experiments ? no I don't think so... the Mayains are tryin to warn us though
  10. I think it'll be the obvious. Nukes.
  11. i like how this guy puts it

    "We humans reside in what is essentially a reptilian sphere of influence. The symbology of the reptilian overlordship is all around us. Phallic worship and the marginalization of the feminine principle have reduced the human race to what it is today, a thundering herd of bewildered sheep."

    "We have been subjected to a long-term process of genetic and soul matrix manipulation. The human life span has been artificially shortened to facilitate the recycling of our souls for purposes known only to the reptilians who see the human race as a resource. The dark gods of this world are well aware of the geological calendar of this planet and have prepared themselves accordingly. "

    This site really breaks it down in simple terms. but they are hard to swallow. check it out everyone. even if you dont believe now, read it, because it will be stored in your mind for when you really do need it.

    Grand Strategy of the Reptilians
  12. - over-eating
    - substance abuse

    lol dont worry its not your fault its the leapin lizards fault
  13. The correct answer is absolutely nothing will happen , there is nothing special about 2012. If were going to get "harvested" or whatever it will happen at a random time , not a specific time. i think youve been watching to much war of the worlds

  14. no no no there is a specific time thats what im trying to say.... we are in a growing system. we are at the end of our cycle.....if they let us go any longer, wie will just kill ourselves anyway. we will be ready in 2012 give or take.

    it sucks knowing this and cant stop it . maybe hide but if thet a comin from that far they aint going to miss much.
  15. Kinda like your assumption that Youtube videos are credible?

  16. people are blind to what is really going on. slowly, and more rapidly, they are waking up!

    you didn't even bother reading it, did you? don't be so quick to throw it away.

    there is no such thing as random time - it is all specific.

  17. We have taken advantage of so many species if it happens, so be it. We deserve getting our ass kicked by a higher power

    But we're also only judging through our own eye's. Who know's what they see, because they would obviously have a higher intelligence.
  18. so you THINK you know what happens in 2012.. ok

    i think something else

  19. of course you do, hardly anyone thinks that we are a product. but we are def in the final stages of flowering.
  20. I dont think its our little brains they want, its those new pot strains we've been creating they want. We're just bees making honey brothers.

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