I Know they'll be late but how late?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Ean, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. a friend has some outdoor plants growing and he showed them to me the other day and they had just started flowering as of 8/18. im use to growing indoors but it makes me think that his plants arent going to be ready for harvest until late September november?
  2. theyll harvest by the end of sept. dont worry
  3. i think it may be later this year, atleast here... global warming has something to do with it :x
  4. Are you psychic and know how long his strain takes to finish????

    What if it is a late season sativa that takes 14 weeks to flower???
  5. Ean, the best thing to do right now is make sure you give it some flowering nutes for the next couple weeks. Don't over do it. Stop giving them nutes of any sort a couple weeks before harvest. You might have to plan this with the timing of your first good frost time line. Let them go for as long as you possibly can, I mean AS LONG AS YOU CAN!! You just have to rely on mother nature and your TLC to get them to the best they can be, not much more you can do at this time.
  6. Ummmm, unless hes got a 6 week flowering strain, no they wont. Theyll be ready to harvest sometime in mid to late October.
  7. yeah as soon as they started to show flower i gave each plant about a tablespoon of 0-46-0. thanks for the help guys
  8. i still have 8 bagseed sativas that havent even shown sex yet.....dont feel bad
    ill be covering them in my greenhouse in november for sure

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