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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by THIRSTYGECKO, May 12, 2003.

  1. we all have problems i guess, i would just like someone to commuincate with, about drugs , life, whatever, i dont have it here.. and would like to do so with someone who also likes to talk about shit. do i need to go somewhere else? damn, i hate to feel unwanted or like, leave girl, which i say poses emotional issues also.. botton line, feel alone, and dont wanna be alone.
  2. the internet is full of lonely people like you and me. it kind of makes me feel like a part of something here, but in reality its just false hope.

  3. i have a fasmily, hubby, kids, many animals, lonley in a friend to talk or whateever about drugs. hubby disapproves, so no talkk there, my deasler is ok, just hurry, hurry, and dont need him for a friend per say... other friend inh jaial... so... feel lonely
  4. I too know what it is like to be lonely. I just got out of the abusive relationship from hell and learning to start my life over. Plus, it's a bummer to find out that your friends are only friends if you have something they need. Plus, I've had some awful battles with my addiction to drugs...(mind you, I'm not referring to marijuana in any way, shape, or form). But if you ever need to talk........feel free to PM me.......I'm a good listener. Peace and love............
  5. Well we're all your friend here so whenever you need to get something off your chest just come tot he city and tell us.We'll try to send good karma to ya.


  6. MMMMMHmmmm, i'll second that:D

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