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I know its wrong but i have to

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bobby82, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. Ok a lil background got caught high blah blah blah told them ill stop til i move out theyre gonna drug test me frequently theyre not open minded cuz they "lived in the hood" so they wont watch the union or listen to my facts an they watched part of marijuana: a chronic history this morning then i left cuz im goin to disney land with my gf and then i decided to text my mom cuz i thought i was makin progress (very close with my mom)

    Me: We gotta finish discussing this marijuana subject its a must momma...from loving mother to loving growing up son :D <3

    Mom: Are you going to approve your child to smoke weed? And would you smoke it with them?

    Me: he has to wait til hes 18 to ensure that it doesnt mess with his brain development and he HAS to be doing something with his life like i am and grades better not drop AT ALL i dont care if its A to a B they need to be consistent or only raising

    Me: And in all honesty yes i would because i think a very good bond would come from that and at the same time im gonna raise him like u guys raised me so i dont have to worry about him doing anything stupid or jeapordizing his future but ima feed him vegetables as a baby :D ha ha (she regrets not feeding me vegetables cuz now i hate them)

    Ok so she doesnt answer and i leave my gf's house cuz i have to buy a shirt to wear and go back home to get a sweater so i go home blah blah and when i leave i tell them me and my gf are comin back here tonight and were gonna make brownies and then my dad says "better be regular brownies and get that other shit out your head" (guessing my mom read him the texts) so now after hearing him say this i said to myself "what the fu*k? That just made me wanna smoke even more f*ck that ima pass the first drug test then buy a bong and start tokin again. I tried to reason with them tried to show them the truth i even said ill stop til i move out but now f*ck that. He always askin "how you holdin up?" like im an addict and need help sustaining from smoking. Now im gonna keep tokin and go to school still AND graduate with a bachelors in civil or aerospace engineering...Now am i wrong?
  2. If you smoke your only proving your father right.

    I think you should quit to prove to yourself and your parents that you can be responsible.

  3. quit for a while to prove to them you can stop if you want to, then get back on it and get your degree to prove its not adversely effecting you. If you get good grades whilst smoking weed, there's not much they can say.

    Of course if they're as closed minded as you've made them sound i doubt they're ever going to change their mind
  4. Ahright ill stop til i move out thanks guys
  5. If your 18+ then its time to move out of your parents house.

  6. Yea i know but im still savin up and workin and plus theyre payin for everything cuz im in college right now

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