I Know Its Cliche...

Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. But, seriously...

    Why is that whenever you have a girl or some other force stopping you from banging some chicks, that all the girls seem to crawl out of the wood-work to get after you?

    Happen to anyone else?
  2. Of course! It's basic human nature. Once something becomes unobtainable, it becomes that much more desirable.
  3. Amen brother. Ive reccently had this happen as well.

    Good Morning Heinous :D
  4. True.

    I mean, I do have a girl. I'm very, very happy with her. I've never cheated on any girl, and I don't ever plan to.

    But, Jesus...some girls are just driving so hard at me.
  5. Send em my way.
  6. This thread is worthless unless you're going to give us their phone #s :devious:
  7. we always want what we can't have. women exibit this behavior quite often..hahaha

    envy is such a lucious sin. :D
  8. maybe your just a mack..nothing wrong with that
  9. haha so so true man

    get a girlfriend everythings going good you cant date anyone else or sleep with anyoen else then they all show up
  10. Stop spraying yourself with axe/tag

    I mean it comes with the warning on the bottle-


    If only it worked that easy :p
  11. Oh God, that stuff is vile.

    I live right next to a college. I swear if the wind blows right you can catch the scent in the air, after some dude sprays a whole damn bottle on himself after he gets out of the shower.

    Just the other day at work, my eyes were watering from the stench of that stuff coming off this one guy.
  12. my baby bro uses tag and i always make fun of em for using it lol. it happens though heinous, some chicks know your taken so i guess they assume (he must not be that bad) chu know. LOL i was thinking of something i was guna type till i took a hit now i cant remember =[ stay up dog
  13. Morning!

    This kind of thing is a common occurnece not only with guys.

    oh and AXE sucks, get some real cologne guys. ( well not you guys per se)
  14. Well Ive been messin around with this girl lately.. More of an unsaid relationship really. But, she just got a job as a stripper :) And all her friends wanna bang me. This is gonna be an interesting next few months. :D
  15. Strangely enough, I've never seemed to have that problem. I mean every so often I'd have some girl want to do something, I say no, and that's it (usually, bad stories within) but other than that people know I have a girlfriend and leave me alone.

    Maybe I need a more prominent social life.

  16. Axe is horrible lol it's like ass in a can
  17. This shit is happenin with me right at the moment lmao, I've got one gril ive known for a lil more than a year straight up tell me she wanted to fuck me for her b-day since she can't ask me out, had some chick from santa cruz wanna stay at my house and "have a little fun" also have 2 ore girls from around my block that are hella jockin.....

    I think i'm just too fucking aweseom of a person hahahaha

    Oh, and my last 2 girlfriends still arent over me (on still not form like 2 years ago, another from about 4 months ago.......).....kinda creepy....

    I'm gonna go smoke a bowl and contemplate how i can get ALL of them together (minus the ex's :p) :D :bongin:
  18. i've had that happen. a girl actually walked up to one of my exs (when we were together obviously) while i was tryin on some clothes and said "your brother's cute, can i get his number?"

    and, of course, now that i'm single that doesn't happen at all!

    ah well
  19. Mr. Anus,,,,,,,,, your just too irrestible dude,,,, these women cant control thereselves,,,,,

    i myself had this problem,,,, your going to have to do a little changes in your life-style too get some peace..... this is what i did,,,

    i cut all my hair off;
    grew a 5 day shadow beard;
    wear oversized clothes too hide my sexy body;
    and dont make eye contact,,, a horny female will look at your eyes and swear you want her;
    and i started wearing '' old-spice'' cologne,,,( that stuff will repel even a heavy set girl!);:p:p
  20. haha old spice cologne, yeah I noticed if you don't make eye contact with most girls then they think you don't notice them and they won't like you as much.. there's so many girls that want my jock but I don't like girls that are too easy because that just means they will hop on some other guys dick just as fast

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