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I kind of regret ever starting to smoke weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Max69, May 3, 2011.

  1. Note to self: consider a T-break ... no that doesn't stand for toke break!:rolleyes:
  2. smoke more, stay high all day!
  3. Even though you may not feel like doing anything, you should just break your own laziness and go after what you want. There is no reason it should get in your way. Also, if you take a T-break, exercise is an awesome thing to focus on because you get in shape and it increases your hunger (which may be lacking initially)
  4. I agree, excercising regularly is a must when withdrawing or taking a break from any medical grade substance including cannabis. Remember to mind how well you eat and sleep, even while partaking of the fine herb.
  5. Quit smoking weed for the next year and then after that just smoke once a month. Get a gym membership and exercise everyday.
  6. someones not "winning"
  7. All in Moderation

    If it's beginning to get you down, take a break or just get buzzed every once in a wile.

    Always remember that there's more to life than just getting high
  8. I never get why ppl say weed makes you so unmotivated since I've started blaZing I started eAting healthier going to the gym and pulling my grades up my advice to u is a nice long tbreak
  9. seems like you let weed sort of run your life. you need to just forget about weed and do things that you enjoy. after about a month of not smoking you will feel normal again. and if nothing is fun to you, then you need to find new fun things to do. perhaps new friends or a new activity.

    then if you feel you want to toke now and again..go for it...

    no one says u should or have to smoke weed...
  10. Let weed be a reward for when your done being production. Like me; i'll study for a test, take the test, then bake. Or i'll do some chores then bake! Don't make weed your number 1 priority.

    I love Mary Jane, but she won't get in the way of my success. :smoke:
  11. Just keep swinging it bro, after the 8th year you'll get used to it.
  12. i kinda regret too. It decrease my motivation to damn near zero. I quit playing football and even dropped out of school.
  13. If you don't wanna smoke, don't. It's as simple as that. Don't let weed negatively impact your life man

  14. yeah but in the end that was your choice, not the weeds...

    i agree it does decrease motivation, because frankly who wants to be doing work and shit when their high. sitting around eating and playing video games seems like a much better idea...or some activities like hiking, hacky sack or frisby are fun too...

    but yeah man y dont u stop smokin and do something with your life, if your letting it get in the way of your life that badly...or do like i do...just toke at night a bit before u go to bed..
  15. [​IMG]

    lol im sorry it just sounds like person off an anti drug site trying to prove a point. It's not weed that hurt you, your character allowed yourself to become engrossed with it.

    You my friend need to take control. Don't revolve around weed, let weed revolve around you ;)
  16. Jr yr of highschool i smoked 3 times a day every day and like the middle of the second semester my parents gave me an ultimatum( they basically told me that if i didnt get my grades up, and quit smoking then they were kicking me out when i turned 18. So i got my shit toghether stopped smoking until it was summer and ended up with a 3.4 that semester. I started smokin again during summer and had fun, then senior yr came and i cut my smoking down. I never smoked before school like i did jr yr and made sure my hw was done before i smoked. The motivation has to come from yourself and the first few weeks are gonna suck but you'll make it through it. I remember after stopping when i smoked 3 times a day i had problems sleeping and had headaches the first few days, but once you get passed that youll feel great. You seem like a smart person and i hope for the best, but dont let a plant take over your life. Its not worth it
  17. then stop.

  18. I think you are on the money with your idea that weed detaches us from materialism. I have become keenly interested in minimalism. There is definitely no happiness in objects, it's all in our minds. (nice first post)
  19. its not the cannabis its you, you were lazy to begin with

    you cant sit there and tell me you dropped out of school because you smoke weed
  20. weed cannot ruin lives it is impossible i have done intensive research for about 10 years now on a human subject (myself) and the subject is fine. lol

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