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I kind of regret ever starting to smoke weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Max69, May 3, 2011.

  1. I started smoking weed about 4 years ago back in my freshman year of highschool. I find myself constantly unmotivated to do anything when I'm not high and I constantly feel burnt out and lazy. It feels like I've lost all the "natural highs" i get from doing other activities. Can you guys help out? I'm feeling like straight shit now.

    I started smoking weed
    Now I feel like shit whenever I'm not high and everyday activities are a drag
    I need help.
  2. Smoke weed, don't let it smoke you :smoke:
  3. stop smoking weed, just next time you run out dont buy any for 2-3 weeks, you will break the habit
  4. Hey brother I'm in your exact boat also started smoking when you did were prob the same age, but take toke breaks man they are key although I havent opend that door in a while I need to, I needa find a higher paying job
  5. yea...dude stop smoking! take a break...dont depend on weed to make life better, use it to enhance your activities. I've felt the way you have before a few times, best thing to do is stop for awhile, its what i do anyway.
  6. It lets you reach a higher mental state. Winning

  7. Exactly man. that's how I feel about weed too. at first, I did it just to make my life more fun and enjoyable while I went around. Now, its almost as if I have to smoke weed to even feel any happiness. I guess im turning into a little bit of a pothead....

    Thanks guys. I think I will take a month break off of weed. I definitely need a break.

  8. I need a break for the same reason man. But I work 7-330 everyday and there isn't shit to do in my town.
  9. It's really weird how perspectives get messed up by weed. A year ago, I wanted to join the naval academy and I had a 4.0+ GPA. Now as time progresses more and more, I don't even care what long as I have bud. I think its time for me to go ahead and get my shit together.

  10. go for it man, some people need a break from time to time and others can just go on smoking and smoking and smoking...everyones differnet so if thats for you then go for it..or maybe just reduce the amount u smoke daily by a whole lot ya its not such a drastic change.........:wave:
  11. Agreed that you should definitely take a long break off of the herb. The first couple weeks will be shitty, but eventually your mind will get used to not being on it. You will eventually return to normal. When you do start smoking again, don't revolve your life around mary jane, let mary jane revolve around you.
  12. IMO, weed should be absolutely be secondary to living your life. If you feel like your living your life around, cut it out until you can self-moderate.

    Find something fun to do, like bike riding, swimming, or something you can be passionate about, and focus on it. If you need to, quit for a couple years. Just remember that being high is fun, and that it's something that can add variety to your life, but it shouldn't be the main focus.

    Take a break. Find something fun to do. Smoke weed, sometimes, when there aren't other things to do.

  13. i agree this is wise for some but i also feel obligated to point out that for others it may be completely ok to revolve your life around weed if thats what makes you long as your lovin what you do you cant go wrong..
  14. And I suppose that's a completely valid view point. For me, however, there is much more to life.

    (But weed is great!)
  15. If you feel that way just stop no point for posting it here...
  16. You can gimmie your bud so I can smoke it instead:p
  17. I can see what all of you are saying but I also see things in a little different way. What if weed doesn't make you lazy but detached from material things? I am not saying don't chase you dream, but to know happiness is always within and everything we do is not for happiness but for the hell of it. Maybe weed helps us think that way rather then making us lazy.
  18. Just take a small break, and or cut back. I used to smoke all day, on my way to work and on my way back. Had a freakin' gravity bong in my passenger seat, with the cooler filled with water and the whole gig lol. It's a phase, you just can't be dependent on it. Treat yourself after an accomplishment, long day at work, or A'cing a big test.
  19. what he said ^^^.

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