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I keep getting sick from bongs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mm23, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. hey guys, before you laugh, i'll make sure i make it clear i am not a regular smoker. i smoke once a week when i get together with some friends and we usually are dumbshits and powersmoke way too much weed and get ridiculously baked. its a bit reprehensible, but whatever, we enjoy it. i've been smoking off and on for about 4 months now. i had played with weed far before this, of course, but never had the "hook-ups" to start buying and smoking regularly.

    I have absolutely no problems smoking joints, bowls, oneies, pipes, whatever. i take conservative hits and i feel fine and great. but whenever a bong is being passed around, i somehow take too big a hit or something and i end up spending the rest of the night puking my guts out. this has happened on three seperate occassions from two seperate bongs and nobody else in the room has gotten sick. i've made sure i take nice baby hits and just enjoy holding the smoke and then slowly exhale.

    i'm pretty sure i'm not inhaling the bong water. i'd think i would know if i did that. :p

    i'm also sure we're smoking good enough weed. it's not schwag or anything, its good home grown high-grade mids and maybe some danks if someone has some to pitch in to the communal pile. my friends are all complete potheads and far more experienced than i.

    i also understand how a bong works and operates and whatnot but i can't see why it would be making me sick. so... is this normal? will it wear off eventually as I gain THC tolerance or something? should I just avoid bongs forever?
  2. i think you solved your own problem, your taking to big of hits. ive seen a few stoners yack from too big of bong hits. try smaller hits and work your tolerance up to big hits over time.
  3. possibly ur body isnt used to so much weed with so little tolerance, theirs been a few times after i took a week break and lit up a blunt to myself and got so high the room was rocking back and forth like i was drunk and i threw up but felt lots better right after. "3 different occasions 3 different types of weed"
  4. You might be taking some of the smoke in to your stomach by accident. I had a buddy that smoked quite a bit, but not from bongs. He said bongs made him puke. Come to find out he was actually swallowing a little bit of smoke each rip and would eventually have to puke. Just a thought.
  5. I think it could be just the size of your rips and you coughing up a lung afterwards.

    I might be completely wrong, but how bad do you get the munchies when you smoke? The only time I've ever thrown up from smoking was a combination of some serious munchies and the first time I used a steamroller.

    darkstar might have a point, too. Do you "ghost" your hits at all?
  6. I know a few experienced smokers who've had that happen to them, and its because they swallow the smoke accidentally or they take massive ass hits. I wouldn't straight up avoid bongs, they're too sick of a smoking device to pass up, but defs just try to keep taking small hits, you'll figure it out eventually. Or keep a bucket nearby hahahaha.

    ((oh, and welcome to the City man.))
  7. all i can say is practice your lungs have to get used to the bigger hits sometimes if you cough to much you will throw up its not the bong just hit it every now an then if ur up for it and eveually you will want one
  8. 1. Make sure you keep your back straight, smoke might be going into your stomach.

    2. You might be pulling it to hard, so next time milk it and when you lift the slide inhale it SLOWLY.

    trust me you'll get used to it
  9. yeah i have a super bad gag reflex and making me cough my head off usualy results in me spewing but i agree w/ them man deff smoke in ur stomach or ripping it too hard, try not to suck so hard on it like solid said, + rep solid lol
  10. The bong is able to give a much more clear headed buzz and can induce you into a lot coughing.

    The unusual buzz that you can never get off a pipe or a joint might make you a little dizzy at first. Don't forget, there's no reason to hold your hits much longer then 2-3 seconds, after that it's only oxygen deprivation. (Which can lead to dizziness)

    Try and control your cough as much as you can. When coughing, don't just normally cough, I find that when I can't hold it anymore, to cough real hard on purpose is a good way to dampen the pain.

    Oh, and if you never had a problem eating right after a joint - Don't expect the same from a bong depending on what amount you smoked. I can get so high off a bong I usually don't eat because it leads to me being dizzy.

    I hope it helped you out - The bong is genuinely a great apparatus - Learn to use it well and you'll be excusing yourself, while kissing the sky.

  11. Same thing happens to me. But i get sick when i smoke my buddies 2 foot beaker base roor and i just realized it must be from the big hits, cause ive smokes smaller straight bongs and even like a 2 foot perc straight bong but both times ive smoked my buddie's roor i get sick to my stomach and have yacked.
  12. Theres your problem dude..your passing a bong around, among a group of friends.
    if you guys are packing huge bowls and just passing it, no. stop there and quit.
    if your taking single one hits, out of the bong, repacking it n shit, then thats way better.
    you have a higher chance of coughing up a lung off a huge passed around bowl versus your own hit that you just kill in one light, and next person packs their hit so on..
    idk, it was an idea man. try it out if you think it will work for you.
  13. When i got sick it was from my own bowl and i dint pack a huge one but the bong, ive smoked bigger bowls in other bongs, could it be possibke tgat the bong holds so much smoke that i get a huge hit when i pull the bowl and thats making me sick too?
  14. It's been said already, but I figure reiteration is good.

    The hits you are taking are too large. Inhale less smoke, and then breathe in some air. With a bong, if you're breathing in air via the stem, you need to pull the bowl out early because there's a bong full of smoke you are going to need to inhale before you get to any air.

    Breathe in less smoke and more air. This is definitely your problem.

    Using a bong is a little harder than using a pipe, but not by much. It just takes a little planning ahead.

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