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  1. I want to know why young girls 18 -21------- 21-30 etc..........why do you always hit on older men? Me especially..I am 48.......Why are you straight up so forward and ask me to do things to you and you do things for me. It is just odd. I find them sexually attractive as hell, but I am not very interested.........1) I have a girlfriend who I cherish very much and am very ful.......filled by her in more ways then I ever imagined and 2) they all work at my childrens daycare or school or the indoor playgrounds or take riding lessons from me or other equine related stuff.........I mean to tell you I get straight up propositioned A LOT by these young ass women and I was wondering why? I mean they bend over so their tits hang out or wear loose shorts and let their vadge hang out or just something rediculous like that........My buddy the other day was like WTF.........Why does it happen to you all the time like that? What is the attraction? I can understand a man's attraction but the female? Why an older man like myself? Just stoned and wondering.....talked about it to my girlfriend earlier and she said I am a narcissist and a fucking nut but I am serious.........I do not think I am a handsome or stud guy I am just who I am...I wear blue jeans and a tee shirt every where and riding shoes that is it nothing fancy whatsoever.......
    Let me know.
  2. pics or it didn't happen.
    i can see a 30 year old, but unless you look 19 i don't believe a teen/twenty something would hit on a 50 year old.

    they don't wear these things for you, they bend over and have nice tits so they happen to look good. do you consider flirting or an exposed upper thigh a proposition?

    youre gf's right "she said I am a narcissist and a fucking nut"
  3. younger generations have it in their minds that the older generations know what their doing.

    unfortunately this isn't always the case; but be happy these cute 20 year olds want to fuck...
  4. Cuz older fellas look like they'd be good in the sack.
    I fantasize about a 30something year old man that I work with. He has these sexy dark eyes and he's super laid back
    In my day dreams he sure knows what he's doing, anyway :yummy:
    But I would never proposition him like that, or wear tiny clothing to get his attention. And you shouldn't tell your gf about all the hot 20somethings that want your dick. It's a little offensive. She should be the only woman on your radar
  5. *Slaps Ol Red Eye*

    Wake up dude! The shuffleboard tournament is about to start!
  6. damn, i hope this happens to me when im 48

    ill be all over the bitchs like poop ina portajohn

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