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I just want to know how my plant looks please?

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by akp2369, May 13, 2010.

  1. It's about one week old bag seed that's an experiment on a 12/12 from the seed. I vegged for the week on a 24 hour light. Now on 2800k for 12/12.

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  2. What kinda soil? What kinda lights? Temps?
    Is your infant light green like in the picture? Or is that just the light shifting the color from a darker shade?
    Looks kinda small honestly to go into flowering, you won't yield probably more than a few grams at most for a number of reasons, what kinda "experiment" is this?
  3. i def would veg it out some and learn an experiment like LST...this has been done over and over and does not amount to about a doobey at the very best i've
    good waste of light, soil, etc...try LST you will thank me..and get that joker back in to veg...


  4. I agree that a 12/12 from seed will only make you wish you would have vegged, but I have seen up to a half oz off of one on this forum. I also have seen 12/12 harvests that were lucky to roll a blunt.
  5. nah dude dont do 12/12 from seed! im doing that right now and its turning out great, but i wished i veged it for about 3 weeks cus once u see it flower,ur gonna wish u vegged cus of more bud sites. and i suggest u lst or top, or both
  6. This is an update from the 12/12. I don't really care for anything, like I said this is an experiment to see how and where this goes. I'm going to do some lst with my new grow I'm starting though.

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  7. Just an update on my 12/12 from seed. She's looking very healthy and I'm seeing some rapid growth. This is day 2 on the the flowering lights. Like I said no lst or topping or anything cause this is an experiment with what it's being grown in and the 12/12 from seed.

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  8. Here's how it's going guys :) The one leaf is getting a little burned and I didn't see it til tonight so I fixed it instantly.

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  9. Can a mod please move my post to a grow journal please. I will post updated pics tonight. Thank You. :wave:
  10. ill kick back and watch this one grow.
  11. Here's an update for tonight. I transplanted to a bigger pot today so she has more room now. The roots she has are insane. I've never seen a plant so small with a root system like that.

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  12. looks very light green, might wanna invest in some more softwhite cfls.
  13. It's looking really good today. I'll post a pic later tonight.

    About how many days into the 12/12 will it show signs of sex?
  14. it depends, 2 weeks latest usually. my latest plant showed male in 3-4 days, males show earlier then females.
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    I'm getting some nutes tomorrow. I'm getting some foxfarm. Should I get bloom booster and use that right away or get veg and use that for a bit?

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  16. Wow that thing got big over a 5 day period. Im impressed. I wonder if its because the 12/12 cycle makes it mature faster?

    What kind of soil do you use? How often do you water and how much?
  17. Here's what I'm using for the soil:
    High Porosity Professional Mix | BACCTO

    I water it whenever the soil seems dry. I usually spray water on the leaves and top layer of soil like 2 times a day or so.

    I really do think its the 12/12 cycle to making it progress so quick. I'm going to get a better camera than the 3.2 on my phone to get some pics of leaf sprouts and stuff so just keep watching. :)
  18. definitely. Ill see what i can learn from this
  19. dont use nutes yet man, wait 3 weeks. and the growth its fairly normal, but the 12/12 would most likely be making it grow fairly fast.
  20. ImageShack Album - 7 images

    They were too big. I'll get a pic quick before I leave for work. I transplanted today to a 5 gallon bucket.

    I also invested in a 42W CFL so that'll help speed things along.:smoke:

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