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i just started on some meds... and the high isn't as good....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by skillfull87, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. i just started to take some zoloft and concerta... i notice that it seems a lot harder to get high at night... i take my zoloft at night to... its for anti-depression :-/ but i think one of the 2 are affecting my high... i don't take the concerta to often but any body know anything about this?
  2. are you prescribed it? or do you just get it from someone. I used to have a friend who gave me adderal, boy was that fun, it didnt do shit for her though.....Plus mixing weed with any kind of pill makes the high different . Either that or you just got some shitty ass weed.
  3. i am perscribed... how many aderol did you take when you say " boy that was fuN" cause i have the same thing as aderol, and im a few days behind on taking it.. so 4 or 5 wouldn't be so bad :)_
  4. i figured it was perscribed. did the zoloft keep you up before?
    aaan man, i seriously woulnt take 4 or 5 of anything :eek:

  5. Adderal made me talk alot and i just stayed up all night with my friends and talked and smoked. When you smoke on adderal your there, but your not. They were 40 millagram i think and i snorted 2 and a half of um. Whats really fun is morphine, thats the shiznick.
  6. I think once your body get's used to the prescribed meds then your highs will go back to normal. I'm on a bunch of scripts and when I first started them, everything was fucked up even my highs but once I had taken them for a few weeks, my highs were as good as always. :) Just be patient.
  7. Wow, your in Nashville Tn, im in Newport TN. Anyways...Dont forget that with all presciptions you do develop a tollerance.
  8. ...and I'm not far from you, Hash Pipe! :) We have a lot of Tennesseans here at the City!!!!
  9. Hey Kids,
    I have been taking anti-depressants for several years and the high IS different. Not as intense or 'buzzy'. The reason is that the AD's (especially Zoloft or Paxil or Prozac) tickle the same brain receptors (seratonin and/or dopamine) as the reefer. You can only get so much of a THC buzz while the brain is busy buzzing with AD's.

    That said, I still smoke daily. Mainly to sleep at night.
    I take Wellbutrin which is a stimulant type of AD. The Reefer sort of takes the edge off the AD.

    Good luck with the AD.
    Depression is a long row to hoe.

    Better living through chemistry....
  10. That is very true. As you all know, THC is transfered to the brain througth the blood stream (Hemoglobin ,you know, that stuff) Well as it reaches the brain, the AD effects altar how much THC the brain recieves. This is why the High isnt as intence. This may not be true, but in my opinion, i believe that if you smoke (Vapor, which evey way you take in THC) more concentrated amounts of THC, You'll surpass the AD effects.
  11. I take 60mg of adderal, 100mg of Zoloft and Zyrtec and i have no problem getting high...
  12. Some drugs are antagonists. That means they attach to the same binding site a neurotransmitter, but they have no biological effect(they just block normal n/t's from attaching/effecting other neurons). Also some drugs block the reuptake of neurotranmitters, this could be what's happening. And I could also be totally wrong...

  13. Concerta and Adderall are not the same. Concerta is time release methylphenidate (Ritalin), and Adderall is amphetamine.

    If one of those meds is affecting "your high", I would guess it would be the anti-depressant, both because of the nature of the drugs and my own experience. I recently came off of Concerta (I'm taking the non-stimulant Strattera now) and noticed nothing like you described. My brief stint with anti-depressants was before I smoked, but I found it sort of made everything "duller" (it's hard to describe).
  14. yayyayayay i went to my dads last night and came back with all my questions answered you'll are great :) thats wierd... i think i will hang in there to see if it improves b4 i drop it to get my good highs back :)
  15. I've been on Paxil for several years. I wonder if that's why being high isn't exactly the way I remember it. I used to get high all the time, but then i didn't smoke at all for almost 20 years. It's been a little over a year now since I've been smoking again and I love it, but it isn't as intense as I remember it being. I thought it was just cuz I'm older nowor something. LOL I think I'm relieved to know I'm not going crazy. Yet! I'm stoned... do I even make sense right now?

    Okie, I couldn't agree with you more, depression is a very long road to hoe. It's nice to hear someone who understands that. So many people don't.
  16. Pot is my anti-depressant. It doesn't last all day, but it's hell of a lot more fun, and safer.

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