I just smoked with a gc member.

Discussion in 'General' started by blowbud4life, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. I just smoked with a gc member. kimchizzle. He has a very nice bong. with ash catcher. It milfs really good. We took some pics but we haven't posted them yet maybe later.
  2. That's pretty cool... I've never met any GC members in person, but I'm chattin' with a pretty chill chicka from Canada right now. Bein' on OG so long has me nice and paranoid so I don't think I'd ever meet up with someone I met on the internet to do something illegal. For safety reasons...

    Hook up the pics!
  3. I'll have pics tomorrow. I got a brownie from the member.
  4. that sounds awesome... I know there has to be a GC member close to me, one day I will meet up with one and have a smoke out like never before. :D awesome!
  5. I would love to meet more people on GC and at the same time I worry about the safety factor. I do love to read stories about sucessful smoke sessions. Good times. I look forward to the pictures too.

  6. I have smoked with Gofuzzyourself and Debauch, I too was worried about the reason for the meeting but it all went smooth and they treated me very nicely to a bowl or two out of Zion (their 30 inch tri label rasta RooR)

  7. Lots of toronto tokers on here, i don't know what we're waiting for.
  8. Sadly i havent smoked with anyone either. Dunno if i could trust myself enough. Yeah a lot of people are cool and would love to smoke some killer with me probably... but theres a couple who would like to set my ass up too.

    Please believe DR aint havin none of that.

    BUT DBW... if you and the hubby ever wanna come over and play guitar hero with me and the misses... its on.
  9. DR, word.... I'd love to kick it with someone/people from GC and toke... but the paranoia gets to me too... maybe a meeting before anything goes down... not like i can be busted for talking to someone from an MJ board...or can I?
  10. D_R, I'd love it. You would be amazed at my skillz. :rolleyes: We'd have to take a break for a sesh though.

    I have been talking about a possible little bash at my house. I have no idea how to do it without insulting people who are too young though. Or to do it safely. And I have no idea who would even be up for road tripping to Vagina errr Virginia to plan it. It seems to be a very complicated feat when I try to come up with ideas...
  11. I'd be up for a roadie to VA on my way to NC! ha
  12. I'd hotbox to VA to play some Guitar Hero lol
  13. I'm probably not going to go see pgroove, but we do throw down some dank weed here in greensboro (if you know where to look). And it'll be 4/20 when you're heading down.. so. :smoking:

  14. hahahahahahaha ha ha ha ha

  15. righteous... maybe i'll swing buy and pic up my bro from ECU and come kick it...

    ok, i HAVE to go out and get guitar hero now... my friends are all playing it... DR and DBW are playing it... damn i'm behind
  16. dude no man...dudarino you gots to go to pgroove and capture the essence that is ziggy's
  17. I think I'm the only member from Ottawa, which sucks. All us blades from Ontario should meet and blaze though. :D
  18. Dudarino.. sorry if i have asked before - what side you live on? South Sider myself.

    Yes, you need to get Guitar Hero
  19. geist/fishers...ne side
  20. actually... im in there area all the time for my job. (well when i was workin)

    im around beech grove... greenwood is like 10 minutes away

    if you ever get guitar hero, ill spank ya

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